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Police reportedly seize 100,000 bitcoins, valued at nearly $840 million.
Addition by Belgian National Police and Kaspersky Lab brings number of decryption tools on the No More Ransom portal up to 52.
After a wave of denial-of-service attacks stretching back to September, Netherlands police have made an arrest.
More than 200 arrests, thousands of accounts and websites seized for "illegal speculation."
As much as $50,000 taken from infected machine in Connecticut, prosecutors say.
Charged with commercial sexual abuse of a minor; allegedly began at SeekingArrangement.com.
“Itrsquo;s like instant replay in the NFL; I can tell what happened.”
Co-creator's employment at Valve Software suspended "until we know more."

Every little bitcoin helps

It often happens that inventions and technologies that start out good end up turning into dangerous tools in the hands of criminals.

Blockchain is no exception to this rule, especially in its most common cryptocurrency incarnation.

The attacks targeted employees of small companies, but such emails could be sent to any userrsquo;s personal mail.
Once again, Australian Federal Police officers are insufficiently aware of the requirements of certain processes.
We cut through the hype surrounding The Boring Company Flamethrower.
Kept heist secret until cops cuffed bloke. Now suggests – gulp – super-pwned Equifax for the afflicted Australian car sharing company GoGet today admitted to a June 2017 data breach that includes drivers licence details, payment card numbers and other ...