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Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly disease

Climate change makes a new chronic kidney disease worse, "and it will grow and grow.”

Ajit Pai announces plan to eliminate Title II net neutrality rules

Vote to begin net neutrality rollback scheduled for May 18.

Silicon Valley security robot beat up in parking lot, police say

The droid can scan 300 license plates a minute.

Police story differs from videos of man dragged from United flight

Two officers blame 69-year-old passenger for his injuries.

Google pushes fake news, hate-speech workshops (and YouTube) on UK teens

After backlash over censored LGBTQ+ content, Google debuts "Internet Citizens" project.

The 2017 New York International Auto Show: best of the rest

The 840-hp Dodge Demon, Nissan GT-R Track Edition, Bugatti Chiron, and more.

Free hacking tools start teens on path to cybercrime

Easy to use tools available free on the internet are one of the routes into online crime for some youngsters warn police.

FCC helps AT&T and Verizon charge more by ending broadband price...

Business Internet price caps eliminated even when customers have only one choice.

30,000 London gun owners hit by Met Police ‘data breach’

Who gave marketing agency access to super-sensitive address database? London gun owners are asking questions of the Metropolitan Police after the force seemingly handed the addresses of 30,000 firearm and shotgun owners to a direct mail marketing agency for a commercial firm's advertising campaign.…

Steve Ballmer’s new gov’t data project assumes that facts change minds

Op-ed: Showing where taxes go is a valuable service, but facts are beside the point.

Fate of the Furious camcording suspects face trial, year in jail

"Both suspects were found to be wearing recording harnesses under their shirts."