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Service used by prisons, police to track mobile devices had usernames, passwords exposed in hack.
ELSAG LPR upgrade can ID "spare tire, bumper sticker, or a ride-sharing company decal."
False positive rate of 98% doesn't count, say police, because 'checks and balances' London cops' facial recognition kit has only correctly identified two people to date – neither of whom were criminals – and the force has made no arrests using it, figu...
Police say that "10-15" students' grades were changed, but not the suspect's own.
The National Crime Agency warns that a failure to report cyber attacks means that many hackers see no consequences for their actions.
Real-time location data was accessible by police under "the legal equivalent of a pinky promise," said a senator.
Exclusive: Two researchers say a police breathalyzer, used across the US, can produce incorrect breath test results, but their work came to a halt after legal pressure from the manufacturer.
In 2017, the FAA recorded more than 18 laser strike incidents per day, nationwide.
Book excerpt: Cyrus Farivar's Habeas Data, about 50 years of surveillance law, is out now.
Police opt to end charade over document download row Cops in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, will not pursue charges against a 19-year-old fella who had dared to download a cache of public documents.…
South Wales Police: "No facial recognition system is 100% accurate under all conditions."