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Waymo tells judge: Uber’s ex-CEO knew about Google files

Levandowski had "five discs in his possession containing Google information."

Man who downloaded child porn from Tor-hidden Playpen sentenced to 6...

Government seized and operated child porn site for 13 days, got IP addresses.

Sessions wrote to Congress asking permission to go after medical marijuana

He urges lawmakers to let DOJ go after medical use, citing “historic drug epidemic.”

Witcher developer: Thieves want ransom for leaked Cyberpunk 2077 docs

Files are from the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world RPG based on a 1990 PC title.

Congress introduces bill to stop US from stockpiling cyber-weapons

The bill would ensure that all software and hardware vulnerabilities in the US government's possession are properly reviewed in an effort to avoid a similar mass leak of NSA hacking tools and cyber-weapons.

Radio station spent two years advising listeners how to stash child...

“Always use an external drive and hide it where nobody will ever find it.”

Supreme Court asked to rule if cops need warrant for cell-site...

Warrantless cell-site tracking has become extremely important to crime fighting.

Watch a cop’s staged body cam footage made “to look like...

"The staging was done in such a way to make it look like it was done in real-time."

Congress just blocked Jeff Sessions from messing with medical marijuana

Section 537: Justice Dept. can’t use its funds to interfere with the popular laws.

Cop fakes body cam footage, prosecutors drop drug charges

Officer said he searched car, then turned on body cam to recreate it for "the courts."

Russian man receives longest-ever prison sentence in the US for hacking

A 32-year-old Russian hacker was sentenced to 27 years in prison in the U.S. for stealing millions of payment card details from businesses by infecting their point-of-sale systems with malware.The sentence is the longest ever handed out in the U.S. ...

To keep classified docs from WikiLeaks secret, DOJ drops 2 child...

Judge: Feds relied on timestamp metadata, but withheld exploit code.