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The 30-second social media teaser trailer shows off a new stormtrooper weapon.
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Hollywood insiders paint a picture of a conservative company testing the waters.
Elliot is back, so too is the high-wire filmmaking and haywire plot.
The update closely follows revised offerings from competitors Apple and Amazon.
The first two episodes of Discovery are both among the 20 most pirated TV shows.
Despite some clunky writing and directing, the first two episodes are gorgeous, fascinating.
Michael Burnham: “We come from a tradition of tolerance, freedom, and justice.”
Preview: NES-styled game anthology is off to an amazing start.
Hands-on video shows how Destiny 2 will deliver a satisfying chain of battles.
Disenchantment series will bring back tons of Futurama voice actors, staffers in 2018.
Gallery: No Jan Michael Vincent dolls, but promo bus whets our season 3 appetite.