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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Company says Saudi funding commitments are consistent with "Virgin brand values."
In light of Charlottesville, Silicon Valley revisits its absolute approach to free speech.
Generally speaking, private enterprise may refuse service on ideological grounds.
“I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet.”
Tech companies face intense pressure not to work with the hate site.
We've already got one tried and tested system, huffs MoD The Ministry of Defence has insisted it has made “no decisionrdquo; to install the US Navyrsquo;s JPALS aircraft carrier landing system aboard HMS Prince of Wales, the second of the Royal Navyrsquo;s two new 65,000-tonne aircraft carriers.…
The law against bogus DMCA takedowns will remain tough to enforce.
System might only be fitted to HMS Prince of Wales – reports American defence firm Raytheon has said it is in talks with the Ministry of Defence to put the US Navyrsquo;s “satnav for F-35srdquo; system onto new British carrier HMS Prince of Wales.…
Also, it's freakin badass.

Did we mention the badass part? Holy crap.
Blackbird Technologies, owned by its own lawyers, has filed over 100 lawsuits.
Network operator was criticized for forwarding abuse reports to racist sites.
Court fight over 29-second video of toddler dancing to Prince is now a decade old.