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The White Label Immersive Content Distribution Solution Goes to Market with Medical Realities and vTime as CustomersLondon, UK -- Jaunt Inc., the global partner of choice for producing and distributing immersive content, announces the Jaunt XR Platform...
Fewer stellar flares coming from the planet's stars is a good thing for habitability.
Globally optimizing which crops we grow where cuts water use and feeds more people.
The comment was made by Panasonic's CEO the day before Tesla's Q3 earnings report.
There are updates coming to address audio issues, color vibrancy, and burn in.
Agency will keep Renewable Fuel Standard despite earlier moves to help fossil fuels.
Dissolving a metal in liquid metal leads to unusual chemical reactions.
Giraffe, a micro web framework based on the F# language, is bringing functional-style programming to the development of web services on ASP.Net Core. Although F# is already supported in ASP.Net Core, Giraffe puts greater emphasis on the functional programming style by leveraging features such as higher-order functions. Likened to the Suave web server but specifically designed to work with Microsoft’s ASP.Net Core web framework, Giraffe is described as a native functional framework for building rich web applications that draws on advanced F# features. F# is an open source functional-first language that Microsoft created to address complex computing problems while producing simple, maintainable code.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Now you can finally watch Amazon Originals in HDR on Amazon hardware.
We've now got three detectors working in parallel, increasing our resolution.
Google might buy a dying Android OEM again.
Digital Metal begins commercial production of its 3D metal binder jet printers, offering unprecedented detail, surface resolution and design possibilities for small components Houml;ganauml;s, Sweden. – [September 19, 2017] – Digital Metalreg;, a Houml;ganauml;s Group company, the worldrsquo;s leading producer of metal powders, today announced it has initiated commercial production of the industryrsquo;s first high precision binder jetting 3D metal printer that can produce smaller and more intricate components than any previous technology.

The DM... Source: RealWire