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Ajit Pai announces plan to eliminate Title II net neutrality rules

Vote to begin net neutrality rollback scheduled for May 18.

Windows Updates getting even more complex, a little more controllable

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is adding non-security updates into the mix.

Searchmetrics Content Experience Creates New Paradigm For Online Storytelling and Content...

Guided creation and optimisation helps marketers and writers deliver engaging, compliant-safe and revenue-producing content.

Companies now can scale at ease by connecting content to audiences at the right time and in the right voice. London, April 25, 2017 ‒ Searchmetrics today launched the world’s first agile content development platform, delivering a new paradigm for online marketers to produce content that resonates with audiences and drives predictable results.The Searchmetrics Content Experience is a pathfinding solution that... Source: RealWire

Netflix slaps additional $1 billion on the price tag of producing...

More people will pay for original content like House of Cards.

Samsung to start making chips faster than ones in Galaxy S8

Samsung is now ready to produce faster and even more power-efficient chips than the ones it uses the latest Galaxy S8 smartphones.In the fourth quarter, Samsung will start producing chips on the 10-nanometer LPP (low-power plus) process.

These chips are faster than existing chips because of an enhanced 3D structure.[ iPad Pro vs.
Surface Pro vs. Pixel C vs.

Galaxy TabPro S: The "tabtop" tablet/laptop hybrids compared. | Get deep into Windows: Subscribe to the InfoWorld Windows Report newsletter. ]
On average, the new chips made on the new process will be 10 percent faster and 15 percent more power efficient than the first wave of 10-nanometer chips like the Samsung Exynos 8895, which is one of two processors used in the S8 devices.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Devops is a secret weapon — perhaps too secret

Devops is indeed working, at least for those organizations that are using it, according to a recent survey by development tools provider Atlassian and IT management solutions company xMatters.

But many organizations have not even heard of the concep...

Nintendo hates money, discontinues the NES Classic

Ignoring continued demand, Nintendo will stop producing the system this month.

Adidas wants to sell 100,000 3-D printed sneakers

A personalized shoe that can “adjust the strength, durability, and the shape.”

Renewables won’t drive up cost of electricity from fossil fuel plants

Costs associated with start-and-stop fossil fuel generation expected to be moderate.

OKI Europe to Showcase Revenue Boosting Graphic Arts Solutions at FESPA...

From business cards to billboards – and beyond, OKI Europe‘s portfolio of Graphic Arts printers will be on show in Hamburg 8-12th May and includes a device for every print professionalEgham, 4th April 2017 – OKI Europe Ltd has today announced its presence at FESPA 2017 (Stand B5-A52), where it will be exhibiting a comprehensive range of revenue-generating innovations for graphic arts professionals, producing everything from business cards to billboards.

A Gold Partner of this... Source: RealWire

Sponges innocent of producing a toxic industrial chemical

We now know whodunnit, but we have no idea why this toxin is being made.

This blue-sky image of Pluto is absolutely stunning

Pluto’s surface features become clear at the terminator, under the twilight Sun.