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Plot twist: Cheesy soap opera script is deceptive drug ad, doctors...

General Hospital character gets rare disease.

Drug company has just the pill for that.

Cortana moves way beyond being a personal assistant

Microsoftrsquo;s Cortana voice-based personal assistant has always seemed a little out of place in the enterprise.
Itrsquo;s a useful tool for search, for reminders, and for letting you know when you need to leave to get to that meeting on time.

But compared to Amazon Alexarsquo;s growing list of skills, itrsquo;s lagging in the personal assistant race.Yes, it connects to Office 365 and LinkedIn to give you some insight into your work, but then again so does Alexa.

But if Microsoft delivers the Windows promises made last week at its Build 2017 developer conference, thatrsquo;s all going to change.[ Put itnbsp;all together: Microsoftrsquo;s plan to one-up Applersquo;s Handoff. • Inside the Microsoft Graph APIs. • How to build Microsoft bots. • Reinventingnbsp;Microsoft Teams with private bots. • How to use Azure Functions. • Just what is Project Rome? ]As part of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellarsquo;s rearticulation of his original “mobile first, cloud firstrdquo; vision as one of “an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge,” Cortana is getting a promotion. More than a basic piece of personal assistant software, with the next release of Windows 10 it will be the face of the intelligent agents that will populate Microsoftrsquo;s new blurring of the cloud and PC worlds.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

10 most in-demand tech skills

Trying to land a new job or angling for a promotion? Recruiters and hiring managers are always on the hunt for ideal candidates with just the right mix of tech savvy, experience and soft skills to give their organizations a competitive advantage.

But all technology skills are not created equal.HiringSolvedrsquo;s artificial intelligence software, RAI, aggregated data from over 10,000 public social profiles to determine which technology skills were most likely to result in a person being hired or promoted.

Based on this data, HiringSolved reveals which technology skills are most in-demand for the 2017 job market, so you can focus on the ones that will get you hired or promoted.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

3 questions IT must answer to stay relevant

In 2007, Michael Spears became CIO of the National Council on Compensation Insurance.
It wasn’t the usual promotion.
Spears had spent two years as the NCCI’s chief data officer, and he kept that role when be became CIO.
In his dual capacity, he oversees both the IT department and the data resources division, though they operate as separate entities. Over the years, he says, the CIO and CDO roles have sometimes been held by different people and sometimes by the same person.Spears has taken some ribbing for his CIO role from his colleagues in the data analytics world. “I was just at a data conference where people were making fun of me for being in both roles.

They said, ‘You can’t get lumped in with IT—it’s just bits and bytes. You won’t be respected for the knowledge you have about data.’ But it doesn’t have to be that way.
It depends where the value is coming from, the skill sets of the leaders, and what’s important to the company at that time.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Dota 2’s first co-op campaign mode will launch in May for...

Requires paid Battle Pass; campaign's second half will launch in July.

‘There’s An App (Market) For That’ – Industry Resource Provides App...

White paper outlines how app companies can increase reach, audience and revenues by harnessing new mobile app strategy platform and distribution LONDON – May 3, 2017 – Millions of mobile apps, billions of mobile devices and trillions of sensors that make up the Internet of Things are combining to boost the growth of the global App Economy, but app developers, brands and companies that limit distribution and promotion of their apps to the Apple iTunes... Source: RealWire

20% off Site-Wide At Griffin.com With Code, For Mother’s Day –...

Protect, power and connect Mom's tech with products from Griffin.

Get 20% off anything you find at Griffin.com with this Mom's day code applied at checkout: LUVURMOM.

This site-wide Mother's Day promotion runs for a limited time and is good for Grif...

EPA purges climate change information as part of “Website Updates”

Anything related to climate change "is being reviewed."

Research from Periscope By McKinsey shows that only 15% of Retailers...

Whilst most retailers see personalization as a priority and think that personalized promotions dramatically increase customer visits, only a minority say they have properly implemented itNew York – April 25, 2017 – Periscope® By McKinsey, a suite of solutions focusing on price, promotion, assortment, sales and marketing optimization to achieve sustainable revenue growth, today announced the findings of research it carried-out at the 2017 World Retail Congress (WRC) looking at retailers’ implementation and attitudes towards... Source: RealWire

A new manager learns the power of no

You've done it! You got that big tech promotion or landed that first IT management job.

And you've earned it—as a top performer and someone who's solved critical issues, you've gained noticed. Now, you're responsible for a team of employees, and your supervisor expects great things from you and from them.Along with the new role, supervisors and executives come to you with issues and opportunities, which you take on to prove that they made the right choice in hiring you.

Then, after a few weeks or months, you find yourself staying later, coming in earlier, and working weekends simply to stay on top of your workload. You're getting tired, losing focus, and stretching the limits of both you and your team. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Amazon Prime Gets You 20% off Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus –...

Place Philips Hue Lightstrips under furniture or kitchen cabinets, into coves or highlight architectural features with indirect white light.

Control color, dimming and shading through the app, or with your voice via an Alexa compatible device.

4 tips to help you wait for a promotion or raise

Whether you’re pushing for a promotion or raise or management has broached the topic with you, one thing is certain: The process will take longer than you expect.
In most companies, managers don’t have the authority to give you new responsibilities or a pay increase.

They must go through the proper channels to get approval.“While it’s natural to feel antsy while waiting for the raise they asked for, it’s critical to find some more productive, tactful ways to prove their worth in the meantime,” says Vip Sandhir, CEO and founder of HighGround, an HR software company.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here