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Systems will still need updated firmware to get the latest microcode, however.
Facebook's chief executive implied a law wasn't necessary to cover teenagers on the social network.
Democrats propose opt-in privacy rules for Facebook, Google, and other websites.
With support from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, FIDO2 Project opens new era of ubiquitous, phishing-resistant, strong authentication to protect web users worldwideMOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., and https://www.w3.org/ — April 10, 201...
Giant-slaying sim is outshone by its better, more polished influences.
Facebook has rolled out new settings to appease users after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Here's what you need to know.
How much might the producers reveal? “Everything.

The whole sordid thing. Up front.”
Use these tips to stay safe online during everyone's least-favorite time of the year.
Policy violations cited, but many customers don't know what they did wrong.
Microsoft will let customers share intellectual property developed in partnership with the company.

The move aligns with what analysts expect will be a growing concern for IT, with more and more enterprises becoming involved in software development....
Concepts like compliance and regulations generally don’t resonate very well in the agile community. However, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one regulation that agile development teams can’t afford to ignore—and with fewer than 52 d...
At Bristol-Myers Squibb, I have the privilege of working for a company singularly focused on our mission to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.

Accurate, high quality, and trustworthy...