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When we witness the Cambridge Analytica story—where Facebook’s user information was used to interpret and influence electoral votes in the US and other countries—and when we see targeted ads and product recommendations every time we browse the inter...

Pocket cryptofarms

In recent months, the topic of cryptocurrency has been a permanent news fixture — the value of digital money has been see-sawing spectacularly.
Such pyrotechnics could hardly have escaped the attention of scammers, which is why cryptocurrency fluctuations have gone hand in hand with all kinds of stories.

These include hacked exchanges, Bitcoin and Monero ransoms, and, of course, hidden mining.
Cloudflare's new Domain Name System promises to both speed up your internet access and protect your privacy.
As cybersecurity gets more dangerous and more critical to organizations of all sizes, the answer is to prioritize your resources to guard the right stuff—because you can't protect it all.
Machine learning requires massive amounts of data to teach the model.

But we're often uploading that data to machine learning cloud services run by folks like Amazon and Google, where it might be exposed to malicious actors.

Can we use machine-learning...
When the Microsoft update for meltdown is installed on a Windows 7 x64 or Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 system,an unprivileged process may be able to read and write the entire memory space available to the Windows kernel.
Dozens of new sites offer new insights on pre-Columbian earth-builders.
Huawei and ZTE gear would be banned in FCC-funded broadband projects.

Your new friend, KLara

In RD we use a lot of open-source projects and we believe giving back to the community is our way of saying ‘Thank yoursquo;. More and more security companies are releasing their open-source projects and we would like to contribute with our distributed YARA scanner.
Internet of things (IoT)-based attacks are now a part of corporate life.

A recent Gartner survey found that nearly 20 percent of organizations observed at least one IoT-based attack in the past three years.“But wait,” you might say, “we’ll just do b...
New attack focuses on a different part of the speculative execution system.
It looks likely that 5G will sideline IMSI catcher, or stingray, fake mobile base stations.