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Tempered Networks Brings Identity Defined Networking to PCI-DSS

Host Identity Protocol based Identity Defined Network approach gets additional capabilities to help enable PCI-DSS compliance.

Tempered Networks Brings Identity-Defined Networking to PCI DSS

The Host Identity Protocol-based Identity-Defined Network approach gets additional capabilities to help enable PCI DSS compliance.

Say Goodbye to SMBv1 in Windows Fall Creators Update

The SMBv1 file-sharing protocol abused by the NSArsquo;s EternalBlue exploit to spread WannaCry ransomware is being disabled in the upcoming Windows Fall Creators Update, or Redstone 3.

Internet boffins take aim at BGP route leaks

Routers should know their place One of the most persistent bugs in Internet infrastructure, route leaks in the border gateway protocol (BGP), is in the sights of a group of 'net boffins and their with a new Internet-Draft.…

Let’s Encrypt ACME Certificate Protocol Set for Standardization

Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) is set to become an internet standard later this year.

Pirates dance around AACS 2 encryption to offer UHD Blu-Ray movies...

Available over the last few weeks, questions remain as to whether the encryption protocol has been cracked.

How to work with RabbitMQ in C#

RabbitMQ is an increasingly popular open source, fast message broker written using Erlang and built on the Open Telecom Platform framework. It implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) for exchanging data between processes, applications, and servers. It’s particularly enticing because it is extensible via plug-in support, supports many protocols, and offers high performance, reliability, clustering, and highly available queues.You can create queues in RabbitMQ by writing code, via the administration user interface, or through PowerShell.RabbitMQ terms When working with RabbitMQ, you should be aware of two terms:To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

The Internet of Things? It’s really a giant robot and we...

Computer security is now everything security - but protocol isn't keeping up with the risks, warns security expert.

Cisco NX-OS Software Fibre Channel over Ethernet Denial of Service Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocol implementation in Cisco NX-OS Software could allow an unauthenticated, adjacent attacker to cause a denial of service (DoS) condition when an FCoE-related process u...

Network Time Protocol updated to spook-harden user comms

Network time lords decide we don't need IP address swaps The Internet Engineering Task Force has taken another small step in protecting everybody's privacy – this time, in making the Network Time Protocol a bit less spaffy.…

Dridex: A History of Evolution

In the several years that the Dridex family has existed, there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to block the botnetrsquo;s activity.

The ongoing evolution of the malware demonstrates that the cybercriminals are not about to bid farewell to their brainchild, which is providing them with a steady revenue stream.

A cloud storage architecture for the enterprise

Yaniv Romem is co-founder and CTO and Tom Leyden is VP of corporate marketing at ExceleroTech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google have redefined IT for web-scale applications, leveraging standard servers and shared-nothing architectures to ensure maximum operational efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.

As new application workloads – cloud, mobile, IoT, machine learning, and real-time analytics – drive the need for faster and more scalable storage, enterprises are seeking to optimize their infrastructures in the same way as these tech giants.Excelerorsquo;s NVMeshmdash;a unified, scale-out, software-defined, block storage solution that runs on industry standard serversmdash;was designed in response to these needs. NVMesh leverages NVMe high-performance flash, a highlydistributed architecture, intelligent clients that minimize cluster communications, and a proprietary storage access protocol that bypasses the CPU on storage targets.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here