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A travel guide for our future Solar System

The Vacation Guide to the Solar System is from a future we wish were now.

A spy satellite buzzed the space station this month, and no...

An accidental flyby may represent “gross incompetencerdquo; on the part of the feds.

Artificial Intelligence: Cybersecurity Friend or Foe?

The next generation of situation-aware malware will use AI to behave like a human attacker: performing reconnaissance, identifying targets, choosing methods of attack, and intelligently evading detection.

Not-so-secret DOD “spy drone” footage, live on the Internet

Is that a live video feed from a Predator on the Internet? Well, yes and no.

Air Force study says US government should get serious about reusable...

The report warns that China could copy these ideas and surpass the United States.

Watch live: SpaceX’s second attempt to launch its first spy satellite

Not much is known about the National Reconnaissance Office's NROL-76 satellite.

Russian spy ship sunk by sheep barge; sheep (and sailors) unhurt

Built in 1970, it was converted to an intelligence-collection vessel in 1989.

SpaceX looks to break into national security launch market on Sunday

Not much is known about the National Reconnaissance Observatory's NROL-76 satellite.

7 Ways Hackers Target Your Employees

One employee under reconnaissance by cyberattackers can put your whole business at risk. Where are they being targeted, and what should they know?

Someone is putting lots of work into hacking Github developers

Dimnie recon trojan has flown under the radar for three years ... until now.

This blue-sky image of Pluto is absolutely stunning

Pluto’s surface features become clear at the terminator, under the twilight Sun.

Nominee for top intelligence post “shocked” by Indian satellite launch

"We’ve seen now 11 nations that have the capacity to launch instruments into space.”