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Well-known investor reportedly now finds Bay Area "intolerant."
Republican senator: data breach incident “raises red flags within this committee.”
Confirmation of Jim Bridenstine as administrator remains bogged down.
Pact of silence questioned Four Republican members of the US House of Representatives sent letters on Wednesday to the leaders of Amazon, AMD, Apple, ARM, Google, Intel and Microsoft seeking answers about how the embargo on the Meltdown and Spectre bug...
"Taxpayers are tired of getting ripped off," a professional coalition builder wrote.
Republican tax bill will save Apple tens of billions in taxes on overseas cash.
A long legal process starts now.
Senate Dems seek one more vote for restoration of net neutrality and Title II.
One more Republican vote needed to get net neutrality bill through Senate.
As Comcast pushed for tax cut, fired employees had to sign NDAs to get severance.
FCC would be permanently barred from using Title II authority over broadband.
But pro-net neutrality groups will sue FCC to reinstate consumer protections.