Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Records request for net neutrality complaints and resolutions still unfulfilled.
Comcast still won't block or throttlemdash;but paid prioritization may be on the way.
Americans who support net neutrality find that their voices don’t count for much.
Vote to eliminate Title II net neutrality rules scheduled for December 14.
70% of low-income wireless subscribers in Lifeline could have to find new ISPs.
FCC will let carriers abandon copper lines without offering adequate replacements.
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is probing Google's business practices.
The bill would end the $7,500 personal tax credit at the end of 2017.
FCC should declare state broadband laws invalid, Verizon tells commission.
Pai proposes Lifeline budget cap and new limits on which ISPs can get subsidies.
Amid controversy, Governor backs away from small energy firm.
New report endorses a coordinated federal response to climate change.