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Cray puts its supercomputer in the cloud

Cray Research is now offering its Urika-GX supercomputer as a cloud computing service, targeted at life-sciences customers looking for compute cycles to solve some heavy problems.

This offering, done with cloud infrastructure provider Markley, makes Cray one of the last high-performance computing providers to give cloud computing a try.But few companies actually need it.[ A developerrsquo;s guide: Get started with serverless computing. | Microsoft Azure Functions locks in on serverless computing. | Build ’em now! 5 uses for serverless frameworks. ]Most enterprise-based RD shops just need high-performance computing services from time to time, and they rarely need a specific platform such as the Urika-GX.

And they can get the more generic high-performance computing services from Amazon Web Services or other modern cloud providers.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Marijuana component reduces seizures in kids with rare form of epilepsy

Randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial finds cannabidiol benefits.

Heads up: Augmented reality prepares for the battlefield

Straight out of Call of Duty, the TAR aims put soldiers right on target.

Vendor ‘Data Fails’ Cap Channel Rewards

Reading, UK - 25th May, 2017 - Zyme, the market leader in the rapidly growing discipline of channel data management (CDM), opened its third UK CDM Summit with a warning to attendees that having ‘trustrsquo; in channel performance is no longer enough to satisfy board members, or stakeholders. Quoting independent research recently conducted, the company stated that for 75% of respondents there is now increasing pressure to prove return on investment (ROI) on partner incentives.... Source: RealWire

Fuel economy rules would decouple “miles traveled” trend from “gas used”...

But whether those rules are enacted is in jeopardy with Trump and EPA chief Pruitt.

Ecorys selects Confirmit to support expanding research-based consultancy

Multi-channel data collection and superior survey experience drive migration to Confirmit HorizonsLondon, UK and Oslo, Norway and New York, NY - 23 May 2017: Ecorys has selected Confirmit Horizons as the Market Research platform underpinning its expand...

Japan, China have extracted methane hydrate from the seafloor

Gas hydrates difficult to extract but estimated abundance makes mining attractive.

UKCloud Health Research Reveals Majority Of British Adults Concerned About Protection...

UKCloud Health survey reveals that 75% of British adults are concerned about the protection of their personal data, and think the UK government should prioritise working with UK businesses London – 22 May 2017 – UKCloud Health, the specialist healthcare division of UKCloud, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave assured cloud services company, has today announced the findings of an extensive survey* into the general publicrsquo;s stance on data protection.... Source: RealWire

Windows 7, not XP, was the reason last week’s WCry worm...

A run-down of recent WCry developments you may have missed.

IBM tells thousands of remote employees to come back to office...

While selling benefits of “teleworkrdquo; to others, IBM forces relocation in stealth layoff.

An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are...

Let’s just say this neural network won’t make you fear the robot uprising.