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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Remote fault diagnostics, telematics and connected infotainment significantly enhance driver safety and enjoyment, but they also present new challenges for the automotive sector as they turn vehicles into prime targets for cyberattack.

The growing risk of a vehiclersquo;s systems being infiltrated or having its safety, privacy and financial elements violated, requires manufacturers to understand and apply IT security.
Broadcom would become the world's third-largest chipmaker, behind Intel and Samsung.
HTC renders a plastic version of the U11 with a Snapdragon 630.
Phase change memory works in a way that makes it amenable to doing math.
$229 or $299 buys portability, IP67 water resistance, and excellent sound quality.
Google brings the best software, an amazing camera, great performance, and fast updates.
Now you can truly leave your iPhone at home and not miss a beat.
iFixit hates glue, likes components that live on separate circuit boards.
3D scanning tech does little to save Sony's phones from a drab design and $700 price.
Despite warrant's language, feds say they didn't want disruptj20.org visitor logs.
DreamHost said the warrant is "a clear abuse of government authority."
The companyrsquo;s CEO has mentioned that a formal announcement will come in September.