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Goop doctor says she’s not really Goop’s doctor, calls site a...

Isnrsquo;t supportive of all alternative medicine, but sells supplements, detox plans.

Olive Garden apologizes to AllOfGarden blog, offers $50 gift card

"We've reached resolution / I received absolution"

CowerSnail, from the creators of SambaCry

We recently reported about SambaCry, a new family of Linux Trojans exploiting a vulnerability in the Samba protocol.

A week later, Kaspersky Lab analysts managed to detect a malicious program for Windows that was apparently created by the same group responsible for SambaCry.

Elon Musk drops an important hint about his revised Mars rocket

Downscaling the Mars booster suggests that Musk may be bending toward reality.

What is Node.js? The JavaScript runtime explained

Scalability, latency, and throughput are key performance indicators for web servers. Keeping the latency low and the throughput high while scaling up and out is not easy. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that achieves low latency and high throughput by taking a “non-blockingrdquo; approach to serving requests.
In other words, Node.js wastes no time or resources on waiting for I/O requests to return.Let me explainhellip;In the traditional approach to creating web servers, for each incoming request or connection the server spawns a new thread of execution or even forks a new process to handle the request and send a response.

Conceptually, this makes perfect sense, but in practice it incurs a great deal of overhead.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

IDG Contributor Network: Attack and response: Cloud-native cybersecurity vs. virtual machine...

Which is more secure: virtual machines (VMs) or containers? The truth is that securing containers and cloud-native workloads is different than securing VMs, and it all starts with understanding attack and response and the ever-evolving nature of thr...

Man ridicules Olive Garden’s demand letter over trademark dispute

“If you are asking me to simply add TradeMarkreg; Symbolstrade; I must also decline.”

FCC has no documentation of DDoS attack that hit net neutrality...

Records request denied because FCC made no "written documentation" of attack.

Advisory and Analytics department launches at Natural Power

In response to evolving market conditions, Natural Power has launched a new department, ‘Advisory and Analyticsrsquo;, which brings together the best of its due diligence, market analysis and resource analysis teams.Lauren Wheatley, Director of Advisory and Analytics will provide direction to the team globally.
International advisory services will be coordinated by Giles Dearden, Director of Due Diligence with local delivery lead by in regional and subject matter experts. Richard Walls, Chief Operating Director said: “By... Source: RealWire

Blue Ella review: Planar magnetic tech sounds great, but costs too...

Other headphones sound as good for less cash, while looking a lot less wacky too.

France’s response to Trump may make it a climate science hub

“Make our planet great againrdquo; effort is drawing climate scientists to France.

Doom’s cover art had one secret—and John Romero just spilled it

Co-creator John Romero's random trivia reveal spoils a Bethesda season-pass giveaway.