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Phishing continues to be a lucrative form of attack, and attackers are finding some departments to be more attractive than others. Here is a look at which employees phishers will most likely target and why.
Deputy commissioner says the system is "backed up"; IT staff affidavit says otherwise.
Marcus Hutchins, awaiting trial, can now live and work unencumbered in LA.
You've been warned The Carnegie-Mellon Software Engineering Institute has nominated transport systems, machine learning, and smart robots as needing better risk and threat analysis.…
The finding helps us understand why human childbirth is so dangerous.
Business leaders, political campaign teams, journalists, and other high-risk groups will receive advanced email and account protection.
The new opt-in program requires authentication with a physical security key.
New “Fact or Fiction” report shines light on risk in the software supply chain: Open source code is everywhere, but vendors don’t know the riskMaidenhead, U.K. – Oct. 17, 2017 – As 143 million Equifax consumers continue to...
The SiteLock Website Security Insider report reveals multiple security trends, including security risks associated with WordPress sites.
Organizations frequently overlook printer security, leaving systems exposed to malware and theft. New tools aim to lessen the risk.
Widely used WPA2 protocol for WiFi security is revealed by researchers to be at risk from a form of replay attack that could leave hundreds of millions of devices vulnerable to attack.