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XPan, I am your father

While we have previously written on the now infamous XPan ransomware family, some of it’s variants are still affecting users primarily located in Brazil.

This sample is what could be considered as the “father” of other XPan ransomware variants.

A considerable amount of indicators within the source code depict the early origins of this sample.

Blockchain: ‘Overhyped’ buzzword or real-deal enterprise solution?

While blockchain is among the hottest technologies in the enterprise security, data storage and file-sharing arenas, many experts question its use or even whether it's really as secure as billed.As marketplaces struggle with how best to deploy the distributed ledger technology, IT vendors are beginning to test it in their products -- in some cases, as a reaction to  customer inquiries rather than a proactive move.[ Deep Dive: How to rethink security for the new world of IT. | Discover how to secure your systems with InfoWorld's Security Report newsletter. ]"It's a very hot topic right now," said Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA Security, a subsidiary of the Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions Group. "We are definitely getting a lot of inbound inquiries around blockchain and its implication within enterprise environments.
I think it's driven largely by the fact that when there's a new technology out there, to some degree people want to be buzzword compliant with the latest and greatest."To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

A free decryption tool is now available for all Bart ransomware...

Users who have had their files encrypted by any version of the Bart ransomware program are in luck: Antivirus vendor Bitdefender has just released a free decryption tool.The Bart ransomware appeared back in June and stood out because it locked victi...

Jon Oberheide on Perimeter Security

Mike Mimoso talks to Duo Security co-founder and CTO Jon Oberheide at RSA Conference about Google's BeyondCorp security model, enforcing perimeter security, how endpoint security has evolved through the years, and the future of passwords.

Cody Pierce on the Future of Exploit Development

Mike Mimoso talks to Cody Pierce, director of vulnerability research and prevention with Endgame, at RSA Conference 2017 about how attackers are changing their techniques in the face of mitigations.

Bots: Biggest player on the cybercrime block

In the world of cybercrime, ransomware, and DDoS attacks had the highest profile by far during the past year.

There was an entire day devoted to a ransomware “summit” at the recent RSA conference in San Francisco.But when it comes to money being lost (and made), bot fraud is king – by a lot.[ 18 surprising tips for security pros. | Discover how to secure your systems with InfoWorld's Security Report newsletter. ]Most estimates of losses in the US from ransomware during 2016 were in the $1 billion range.

By contrast, a study published in January 2016 by White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) titled “Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising,” estimated global losses in 2016 would be $7.2 billion.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Bruce Schneier on IoT Regulation

Bruce Schneier talks about the early days of the RSA Conference, his campaign for IoT regulation, and more.

Threatpost News Wrap, February 24, 2017

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook recap RSA and discuss the news of the week including the impact of Cloudflare's "Cloudbleed" bug, Google breaking SHA-1, and more.

RSA and the expanding hole in cybersecurity

The recent RSA conference drew more than 43,000 people — a record number as the cybersecurity hole continues to widen with new exploits.

Wide Range of New Security Technologies Debut at RSA Conference 2017

There was no shortage of new security products and services announced at the 2017 RSA Conference. Here are 13 technologies that debuted at the show.

Talks on State of Security, Role of the Cloud Highlight RSA...

This year’s RSA Conference drew over 43,000 people interested in the latest in security trends, products and services. Here are some highlights.

Video Roundup: New from RSA 2017 conference

At RSA 2017, we met with executives at IBM Security, HPE, Hytrust, Zscaler, and Bracket Computing to talk about challenges in cybersecurity, IoT security, data sovereignty, cloud-based security, and more.