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123ContactForm Now Supports Square Payments

Leading online form builder allows business owners in any industry to accept online orders and manage payments with SquareTimisoara, Romania – April 26, 2017 – 123ContactForm, which has helped more than a million users worldwide build online forms and surveys, announced today that it now supports Square payments.
Square, a leading payment gateway that also enables merchants to accept payments with a physical device for swiping credit cards, handles millions of transactions across Australia, Canada,... Source: RealWire

Twitter has a spam bot problem — and it’s getting worse

A Romanian spammer is in part behind a sudden surge in fake Twitter followers in recent weeks.

But it's not something Twitter seems to want to deal with.

Two members of ATM skimming ring plead guilty to bank fraud

A total of 13 charged in PNC and Bank of America card-cloning scheme.

Details Around Romanian Phishing Kit Creator, Campaign Revealed

Researchers at the Security Analyst Summit on Monday divulged details behind the alleged creator of a Romanian phishing kit.

Romanian Man Pleads Guilty to ATM Skimming Scheme

Radu Bogdan Marin allegedly used stolen account details and fake ATM cards to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars.

Creepy IoT teddy bear leaks >2 million parents’ and kids’ voice...

Publicly accessible database wasn’t even protected by a password.

Up close and personal: Russian spy ship skims edge of US...

It's the latest provocation as Russia's military appears to test Trump.

New Mac malware pinned on same Russian group blamed for election...

Xagent for Macs steals passwords, grabs screenshots, and exfiltrates iPhone backups.

KopiLuwak: A New JavaScript Payload from Turla

A new, unique JavaScript payload is now being used by Turla in targeted attacks.

This new payload, dubbed KopiLuwak, is being delivered using embedded macros within Office documents.

123ContactForm Enterprise Services Take Data to the Next Level

Enterprise Cloud, Compliance Cloud and Technology Cloud Solutions Empower All Kinds of Organizations to Increase Efficiency and Transparency with Process Automation and Optimization, Custom Data Collection and Information SecurityTimisoara, Romania – January 18, 2017 – 123ContactForm, the leading tool for creating online forms, today announced that it is extending its current product portfolio with three new products dedicated for enterprise customers. Enterprise Cloud, Compliance Cloud and Technology Cloud solutions empower small, medium and large organizations in any industry to customize data flows, automate business processes and keep data secure across marketing, sales, human resources and other departments. Every modern organization has to grapple with an explosion of data from a variety of different sources, both internal and external. From online contact forms to enterprise databases, there’s no shortage of data that is too often still compiled, audited and processed manually. This costs businesses a great deal of time and can compromise accuracy. 123ContactForm’s enterprise services build on the company’s years of experience with data processing and empower all types of organizations to make better use of their data for internal processes and business decisions. Enterprise Cloud, designed for large enterprises with complex infrastructure and high data volumes, includes all of the tools and services needed to automate processes, increase precision and make a business run more efficiently with less effort, such as business process optimization, granular process automation, an enterprise reporting dashboard, process automation training, custom form development and more. Compliance Cloud was created specifically for organizations with strict security policies or a need for HIPAA compliance. It provides the individualized services of Enterprise Cloud with an extra layer of security and privacy for users in industries that require it, such as finance, medical and insurance. Technology Cloud provides extended access to custom integration protocols within a white-labeled dashboard. A custom, open API eliminates the need for users to develop their own data integration solutions. This saves time and provides rapid access to rich form building features that have been tested and proven over time. “Modern organizations can’t afford to spend massive amounts of time manually collecting data or coding their own integration frameworks,” said Florin Cornianu, CEO of 123ContactForm. “They need a reliable, secure solution and proven services. We’ve built on our years of experience with data collection solutions and developed a portfolio of enterprise services that are reliable, technologically adept and secure as well as fully responsive to every organization’s unique needs.” All enterprise services are based on close interaction with clients and deep understanding of customer needs. Any process, from external field operations management to internal new hire processing, can be automated and enhanced for efficiency and accuracy. Enterprise services build a layer of personalized interaction on top of 123ContactForm’s mature data processing technology to provide a combination of technical and strategic expertise that will benefit any business. ### About 123ContactForm123ContactForm is a service developed by a team of dedicated professionals in Timisoara, Romania. Founded in 2008, 123ContactForm has a million customers around the world who choose our products every time they build online forms and surveys. Our mission is to provide a quality, cost-effective solution that allows everyone to build web, mobile forms and surveys with ease. Our vision is to incorporate a web form on every website and help businesses collect data more efficiently. Enterprise services encompass custom data collection, custom workflows, process automation, ongoing optimization and more. Additional information about enterprise services and pricing details are available at https://www.123contactform.com/enterprise/. Website: www.123contactform.comBlog: http://www.123contactform.com/blog/LinkedIn: https://ro.linkedin.com/company/123contactformFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/123ContactForm/Twitter: https://twitter.com/123contactform?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor Press contact:Romi CatautaPR Specialist 123ContactFormromi@123contactform.com+40720 017 398

Bayrob: Romanian auction fraud suspects extradited to the US

Going, going ... Three suspected cybercriminals have been arrested and extradited from Romania to the US over a multi-million dollar malware-facilitated scams. The suspects are believed to be members of a gang, nicknamed Bayrob by Symantec researchers, which allegedly earned a living from online fraud for nearly a decade. The indictment claims they pocketed at least $4m from victims. Since 2007, Symantec uncovered multiple versions of the Bayrob malware, which over time evolved from a facilitator of online auction fraud to a 300,000+ botnet for cryptocurrency mining. The security firm's intelligence helped lay the groundwork for a successful FBI sting operation and the capture of the suspects in Romania. The gang began its career running elaborate cons where it created fake vehicle auctions to defraud victims out of tens of thousands of dollars (as reported by El Reg at the time) before diversifying into credit card fraud and hacking, as detailed in a blog post by Symantec here. The group infected between 60,000 and 160,000 computers and sent out 11 million malicious emails. The suspects are alleged to have laundered the gang's ill-gotten gains through money mules. Bogdan Nicolescu, 34 (alleged to be “Masterfraud”); Danet Tiberiu, 31 (alleged to be “Amightysa”); and Radu Miclaus, 34 (alleged to be “Minolta”) were arrested by police in Romania earlier this year before being extradited to the US, where they now face multiple charges relating to fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and trafficking in counterfeit goods or services. More details of the 21-count indictment - unsealed on Friday - can be found here. ® Sponsored: Next gen cybersecurity. Visit The Register's security hub

34 People Arrested in 13 Countries for Hiring DDoS Attack Services

Europol, the FBI and the UK National Crime Agency arrest 34 individuals in a crack down on DDoS-for-sale services, also known as booters and stressors. International law enforcement agencies in more than dozen countries arrested 34 individuals in a cyber-crime sweep that focused on customers of online services that provide denial-of-service attacks to order.In the United States, the FBI arrested a 26-year-old University of Southern California graduate student allegedly linked to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that knocked a San Francisco chat-service company offline.

The suspect, Sean Sharma, was arrested on Dec. 9 for purchasing a DDoS tool used to mount the attack, the FBI stated in a release.Since last week, the FBI’s International Cyber Crime Coordination Cell, or IC4, and other law enforcement agencies—including Europol and the U.K.’s National Crime Agency—have arrested 34 suspects and conducted interviews with 101 individuals.“DDoS tools are among the many specialized cyber-crime services available for hire that may be used by professional criminals and novices alike,” Steve Kelly, FBI unit chief of IC4, said in the agency’s statement. “While the FBI is working with our international partners to apprehend and prosecute sophisticated cyber-criminals, we also want to deter the young from starting down this path.” DDoS-for-hire services have increased in use to account for 93 percent of all distributed denial-of-service attacks, according to Incapsula, a DoS mitigation service owned by Imperva. Neustar, a real-time cloud-based information and analysis provider, confirmed that booters and stressors have grown significantly over the past four years. "A pretty large portion of the DDoSes we have seen are the fault of the stressors and booters,” Rodney Joffe, senior vice president and fellow at Neustar, told eWEEK. “And it has been a problem for 4 years.”The worldwide law enforcement action aims to carry a message to young offenders that what may seem to them as innocuous cyber-pranks are actually serious crimes that carry hefty legal penalties, the law enforcement groups said.The people arrested are suspected of paying for DDoS services to launch floods of data against websites and online services—often gaming platforms.“Today’s generation is closer to technology than ever before, with the potential of exacerbating the threat of cyber-crime,” Steve Wilson, head of the European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3), said in a statement. “Many IT enthusiasts get involved in seemingly low-level fringe cyber-crime activities from a young age, unaware of the consequences that such crimes carry.”Yet, Neustar’s Joffe doubted that the arrests will make much of an impact.“There are millions of kids who play games, and they don’t think this is illegal,” he said. “Or they understand that this is illegal, but they don’t think they are going to get caught.”Law enforcement agencies carried out actions in Australia, Belgium, France, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.

The law enforcement organizations underscored that fighting the cyber-crimes require a collaborative effort.“No law enforcement agency or country can defeat cyber-crime alone,” the FBI said in its statement. “This demands a collective global approach.”