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DragonFly hacking team that targeted US critical infrastructure compromised a network router as part of its attack campaign against UK energy firms last year.
The researchers at Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT decided to check the popular smart camera to see how well protected it is against cyber abuses.

This model has a rich feature list, compares favorably to regular webcams and can be used as a baby monitor, a component in a home security system or as part of a monitoring system.
Advanced router code has been in circulation for six years If you’re trying to hack an organization then pwning the sysadmin's machine gives you the keys to the kingdom, and an advanced malware writer has found a clever way to do just that.…

The Slingshot APT FAQ

While analyzing some memory dumps suspicious of being infected with a keylogger, we identified a library containing strings to interact with a virtual file system.

This turned out to be a malicious loader internally named “Slingshotrdquo;.
With Internet stability hanging in the balance, router maker maintains radio silence.
Get patching – there's this auth bypass and loads of other bugs If you're using a Netgear router at home, it's time to get patching.

The networking hardware maker has just released a tsunami of patches for a couple of dozen models of its kit.…
JenX is building an army of routers that can be used in for-hire attacks.
A vulnerability in the IPv6 subsystem of Cisco IOS XR Software Release 5.3.4 for the Cisco Aggregation Services Router (ASR) 9000 Series could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to trigger a reload of one or more Trident-based line cards, re...
Following ATTrsquo;s lead, now Verizon has dropped plans to sell the Chinese phones.
"DressCode" poses a major risk, because it opens a direct connection to infected phones.
ASUS patched a bug that allowed attackers to pair two vulnerabilities to gain direct router access and execute commands as root.