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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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'Basically, everything was pwned, from the Lan to the Wan' A security researcher has shamed D‑Link by publicly disclosing 10 serious, as-yet unpatched vulnerabilities in a line of consumer-grade routers without notifying the vendor first.…
D-Link router model 850L has 10 vulnerabilities that could allow a hacker to gain remote access and control of device, according to researcher.
The security researcher says the general public should immediately disconnect their router until patches are available.
One of the bugs affects "every single" ATT U-verse router, potentially millions of customers.
Even when it's -2 and you're 6,500-miles from your router, a good IT pro finds a way.
Attackers are leveraging misconfigurations in networks' Cisco Smart Install and SNMP protocols.

Businesses are urged to review their device logs for any unusual activity.
Multiple Cisco products are affected by a vulnerability involving the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Routing Protocol Link State Advertisement (LSA) database.

This vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to t...
Open Shortest Path First(OSPF)protocol implementations may improperly determine Link State Advertisement(LSA)recency for LSAs with MaxSequenceNumber.

Attackers with the ability to transmit messages from a routing domain router may send specially crafted OSPF messages to poison routing tables within the domain.
Tells German court it was unintentional An as yet unnamed 29-year-old pleaded guilty on Friday to charges relating to the hijacking of more than 1.25 million Deutsche Telekom routers, according to reports in the German press.…
To date, nobody has been able to find any significant code sharing between ExPetr/Petya and older malware.

Given our love for unsolved mysteries, we jumped right on it. Wersquo;d like to think of this ongoing research as an opportunity for an open invitation to the larger security community to help nail down (or disprove) the link between BlackEnergy and ExPetr/Petya.
You're not using the password from the sticker, are you? Virgin Media has urged 800,000 customers to change their passwords to guard against possible hacking attack.…