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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Government departments have 90 days to rip and replace Despite pending legislation to ban US federal government offices from using Kaspersky Lab security software, Homeland Security has issued a Binding Operational Directive demanding that the products be removed within 90 days.…
Forces of Destiny is a series of shorts about our favorite characters' everyday heroism.
Plus, a look at the major changes coming to future Magic: the Gathering sets.
The first half of 2017 began with two intriguing ransomware events, both partly enabled by wormable exploit technology dumped by a group calling themselves “The ShadowBrokersrdquo;.

These WannaCry and ExPetr ransomware events are the biggest in the sense that they spread the quickest and most effectively of known ransomware to date.
Обратите внимание на спину! Cyber crime lords have come up with a new money-spinner – Russian-language e-learning courses geared towards teaching the skills necessary to rip off consumers and card companies.…
Two roommates fight over sci-fi; one ends up in jail.
But the next big thing will be machine learning and AI for simulations and design.
The EU's new razor-toothed data privacy law could either rip you apart or help you create the best security program you've ever had. Here's how.
Trend Micro CTO suffered fatal heart attack Colleagues and friends are mourning the sudden death of distinguished antivirus industry veteran Raimund Genes last Friday.…
John Scalzi’s latest novel is a thought experiment about the fall of civilization
A cross-platform win32-based Mirai spreader and botnet is in the wild and previously discussed publicly. However, there is much information confused together, as if an entirely new IoT bot is spreading to and from Windows devices.

This is not the case.
Instead, an accurate assessment is that a previously active Windows botnet is spreading a Mirai bot variant.
Apple retakes sales crown from Samsung, but biggest gains are from the Chinese.