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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Bumbling fool not so much Jason Bourne as Johnny English A contractor who tried to sell trade secrets on military communication satellites to the Russians has been sent down for five years.
Incredibly, it could have been longer after prosecutors alleged that he was also planning to kill his wife.…
"We want to earn the trust of people who have been 20-year veterans at the NSA."
DAILY VIDEO: DHS bans federal agencies from using Kaspersky security products; Yelp says Google is still using its content in violation of an FTC agreement; Bing image search gets a machine learning boost; and there's more.
The president cites concern that the Russia-based company could be influenced by the Kremlin.
Kaspersky: We have “never helped, nor will help, any government with cyberespionage.”
Two hackers have been sentenced to three years behind bars.
Who needs actual evidence when you're scared about Russia? US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) simply can't wait to banish Kaspersky Lab's antivirus from American government computers on the grounds it's a security risk.…

Neutralization reaction

Corporate information security services often turn out to be unprepared: their employees underestimate the speed, secrecy and efficiency of modern cyberattacks and do not recognize how ineffective the old approaches to security are.

And if there is no clear understanding of what sort of incident it is, an attack cannot be repelled. We hope that our recommendations about identifying incidents and responding to them will help information security specialists create a solid foundation for reliable multi-level business protection.
The US-based company could conceivably launch 20 rockets this year.