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The RD-180 is 40 years old, but remains one of the highest performing engines.
Cyberattack last June aimed to disrupt Ukraine's financial system.
13 explosively armed but cobbled-together drones swarmed airbase The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that its forces in Syria have been attacked by a swarm of GPS-guided drones carrying improvised explosives.…
There's now a dedicated Russian planning group coordinating with NASA's lunar efforts.
Also, is this the year humans finally launch into space from US soil again?
A Russian national in jail for hacking the Democratic National Committee says a data signature proves he acted on the Kremlin's orders.
At the end of September, Palo Alto released a report on Unit42 activity where they – among other things – talked about PYLOT malware. We have been detecting attacks that have employed the use of this backdoor since at least 2015 and refer to it as Travle.

Coincidentally, KL was recently involved in an investigation of a successful attack where Travle was detected, during which we conducted a deep analysis of this malware.
The Russian security firm claims it did not receive due process and the US government relied on rumours.
Russian biz sues US govt for torpedoing anti-malware tool installations Embattled Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab has taken the American government to a US federal court to overturn Uncle Sam's ban on its antivirus tools.…
“It failed to satisfy even the minimum standards of due process.”
Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft all affected by “intentionalrdquo; BGP mishap.