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Report: Human embryo edited for first time in US, pushes limits

The data is unpublished, but scientists say it advances effort to erase genetic diseases.

​Google’s Trusted Contacts safety app is now available for iOS

Google updates Trusted Contacts with more control over location sharing.

How Rust can replace C, with Python’s help

Proponents of Rust, the language engineered by Mozilla to give developers both speed and memory safety, are stumping for the language as anbsp;long-term replacement for C and C++.

But replacing software written in these languages can be a difficult, long-term project.One place where Rust could supplant C in the short term is in the traditionally C libraries used in other languages. Much of the Python ecosystem for statistics and machine learning is written in C, via modules that could be replaced or rewritten incrementally.[ Also on InfoWorld: Review: 6 Python IDEs go to the mat and 7 sweet Python IDEs you might have missed. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ]It isnrsquo;t difficult to expose Rust code to Python.

A Rust library can expose a C ABI (application binary interface) to Python without too much work.
Some Rust crates (as Rust packages are called) already expose Python bindings to make them useful in Python. But there is always opportunity fornbsp;closer integrations between both languages.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Top Five Safety Tips For 2017 Summer Travel

International SOS offers advice all international travellers need to know for a safe and healthy tripTrevose, PA – JULY 26, 2017 – According to new data obtained from Airlines for America (A4A), the leading airline trade organization, a record number of U.S. consumers – 234.1 million – are expected to fly internationally over the upcoming summer months.
In an effort to support and encourage travel safety, International SOS, the worldrsquo;s leading medical and travel security... Source: RealWire

FBI Issues Warning on IoT Toy Security

IoT toys are more than fun and games and can potentially lead to a violation of children's privacy and safety, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned Monday.

Cocaine on training wheels? Snortable chocolate raises eyebrows, angers Schumer

The “cacao snuffrdquo; is said to offer “euphoric energyrdquo; with no data on safety.

Custom cancer vaccines safely fight and kill tumors in early human...

Itrsquo;s early and there are many hurdles, but data so far suggests safety, efficacy.

Volvo says from 2019 all new models it introduces will be...

Five new EVs between 2019 and 2021, and every other new Volvo will be a hybrid.

UK Officials Say Google DeepMind Failed to Follow Patient Data Rules

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office faults London hospitals and Google DeepMind unit over how it handled patient data privacy in implementing its clinical safety initiative.

Trump picks Republican to fill empty commissioner seat at FCC

Trump nominates Brendan Carr, general counsel and former aide to Chairman Pai.

BrandPost: Wonder What’s in that Hot Dog? Data Analytics Has Your...

Could data analytics make for a safer, more transparent food supply? Maria Fernandez Guajardo, VP of Products at Clear Labs, answered that question with an unequivocal “Yes!” when she presented at the recent Intel Analytics Summit.Collaboration Drives Better DataClear Labs exists at the intersection of genetic analysis and data science, analyzing food at the molecular level to generate information for the food industry about the authenticity and safety of their ingredients and finished products.
In her Analytics Summit talk, Maria demonstrates how the company employs a combination of database and analytics technologies to analyze the food supply, including an unbiased and universal DNA test, machine learning probabilistic species identification, and a proprietary reference database with millions of sequences.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Defining Security: The Difference Between Safety & Privacy

Words matter, especially if you are making a case for new security measures, state-of-the-art technology or personnel.