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Partnership provides businesses with access to innovative privacy tech solutions to operationalize compliance with data privacy and breach notification regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN &#82...
Uber to publish report to better understand how often such incidents are reported.
California Supreme Court: It'll be tougher for firms to not have bona fide employees.
California's tough net neutrality bill clears second Senate committee in a week.
PETA claimed to be a friend to Naruto, but "failed" at doing so, 9th Circuit finds.
RSA Conference attendee contact data extracted using hard-coded API data.

Where next for GitHub?

The beginning of April is GitHub mark 10 years since it launched out of private beta.

Though the San Francisco-based code repository startup is celebrating April 2018 as its official birthday, October 2017 is the company’s unofficial 10th anniversary; ...
Check out Dark Reading's exclusive coverage of the news and security themes that dominated RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco.
A genomic study proved Ata is human, but now the study's ethics are in question.
First US commercial air fatality in 9 years caused by debris from jet engine fan, engine cover.
City Attorney: companies are allowing customers to block public sidewalks.
RSA Conference, San Francisco, USA - Apr 17, 2018 - Titan IC has announced that they have licensed their 40Gb/s Helios RXPF Regular Expression Processor to Silicom Ltd to further enhance their new FPGA SmartNIC platform.
In today’s market there i...