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Tesla owners sue: “Enhanced Autopilot Features…simply too dangerous to be used”

Tesla fires back, calling lawsuit a "disingenuous attempt to secure attorney’s fees."

Apple settles with major patent holder at 1:00am the night before...

Unwired Planet GC explains the business: "What’s left is a patent portfolio."

Intel scraps annual IDF event as it looks beyond PCs

After 20 years, Intel is scrapping its marquee annual Intel Developer Forum event, where tech enthusiasts gathered to load up on the chipmaker's news and technologies.IDF started off in 1997 as a small event in Palm Springs, California.

The show was later moved to San Francisco and vastly expanded during a boom in the PC market.[ Get the scoop on the internet of things at its most fundamental level and find out where it's headed, in InfoWorld's downloadable PDF and ePub. | Pick up the latest insight on the tech news that matters from InfoWorld's Tech Watch blog. ]But with the PC market slowing down, the attraction of IDF has also dwindled.
Intel's future isn't tied to PCs but instead to areas like data centers, autonomous cars, modems, the internet of things, and manufacturing. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Intel cancels IDF in San Francisco, saying it’s not a good...

Company says that the separate events are a better fit for its current product range.

Company sued EFF over “Stupid Patent of the Month;” EFF now...

In June 2016, EFF dubbed GEMSA a patent troll.

GEMSA didn't like that at all.

DMCA “safe harbor” up in the air for online sites that...

Etsy, Kickstarter, Pinterest, and Tumblr say site moderation hangs in the balance.

US Department of Labor accuses Google of underpaying women

The U.S.

Department of Labor says Google discriminates against female employees in pay at a level that's even worse than the tech industry as a whole.The department has found "systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the en...

America takes on Japan in terrifying giant mech battle this August

MegaBots Mk.
III stands 16ft tall, weighs 22,000lb, and will sport a giant chainsaw.

YouTube TV goes live today in five US cities, gears up...

AMC, BBC World News, Sundance TV, and more to come at no extra cost.

Judge orders Uber to search servers, work harder to find Waymo’s...

"In 42 years, I've never seen a record this strong. You are up against it."

Lawyers win again in latest privacy class-action settlement

iOS address book deal, if split evenly among class members, pays 53 cents each.

Secretly recorded Planned Parenthood tapes barred from publication

Two activists criminally charged with allegedly violating privacy of people filmed.