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eBay denies claims it’s failing to thwart ‘systematic fraud’

Man alleges elaborate scam is slapping money out of online souk's pockets A campaigner has gone public with his concerns over an alleged scam on eBay.…

107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud

New papers were found through investigations into previous fraud.

Nigerian Convicted in Passport Wire Fraud and Internet Scam

A Nigerian man set up a number of U.S. bank accounts with bogus passports over a one year period, in which he managed to steal at least $500,000 through wire fraud and Internet scams.

Online ad scam launders legions of pirates and pervs into ‘legit’...

Traffic Alchemist turns base metal into gold An elaborate online ad scam that disguised junk traffic as views on reputable sites has been costing advertisers as much as $7m per month.…

Scammers mine online recruiter for patsies in package reship scheme

One job-seeker applied for real job, got an offer from scammer posing as CEO.

Revealed: Scammers plaster Google Maps with pins to lure punters from...

Research shows how web mapping service can be abused Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego, and Google, are clamping down on fake businesses trying to scam victims through Google Maps.…

$3.5 million crowdfunded drone campaign flops, lawsuit alleges

The Onagofly F115 is one of the highest crowdfunded Indiegogo projects.

Will the Supreme Court end the East Texas patent scam?

Tech companies and interest groups seek to alter the geography of litigation.

How Identity Deception Increases the Success of Ransomware

As scammers hone their skills, their handiwork looks more credible to intended victims, making a successful ransomware scam more likely.

Ransom scam exploits Apple iOS Safari flaw to target porn viewers

The scareware campaign duped victims into paying a ransom.

Hacker Charged With Business $100 Million Business Email Fraud Scheme

DAILY VIDEO: Hacker accused of carrying out business email scam netting $100M; Google's web ad misplacement troubles spread to U.S.; Konica Minolta developing office automation Hub for SMBs; and there's more.

Hacker Accused of Carrying Out Business Email Scam Netting $100M

The long arm of the law tracks done a lone hacker who allegedly used a business email compromise attack to steal $100 million from two U.S. companies.