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Friday, November 24, 2017
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Tech-support scam sites now contain click-to-call to "help" victims more easily contact their sham hotlines.
Criminals are replacing phishing websites every few hours in order to avoid detection - thus allowing them to scam more victims out of personal data
Site offers “proofrdquo; of access to Equifax data, but it all appears to be fake.
Emails claiming to be from the Student Loan Company are trying to steal personal data and banking information from new and returning students
Don't click on that email! Find everything you need to know in this phishing guide including how to protect yourself from one of the most common forms of cyber attack.
The FTC has warned that fraudsters have reached a new low with a flood insurance scam.
The Facebook malware that spread last week was dissected in a collaboration with Kaspersky Lab and Detectify. We were able to get help from the involved companies and cloud services to quickly shut down parts of the attack to mitigate it as fast as possible.
Fake IRS and FBI emails are circulating on the Internet that attempt to lure victims into downloading malware that will ultimately hold their data hostage.
The Federal Trade Commision will issue partial refunds to victims of a scheme that deceived hundreds of thousands of people.
Defendants are too broke to pay full refunds.
DOJ described scheme as “one of the more sophisticatedrdquo; they'd ever seen.
The platform's compromise resulted in the loss of close to $500,000 in cryptocurrency.