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The Arctic seed vault had to deal with melting permafrost last...

No seeds lost, but the entrance is being waterproofed after surprise flooding.

Alien Covenant drips with blood and plot resolutions—but you better be...

Important bits in place for a proper sequel, but Covenant suffers as a straight-up film.

Destiny 2 gameplay debuts, brings sci-fi co-op combat directly to Earth

No more ties to older consoles. Destiny 2 can finally spread its visual wings.

Judge Dredd TV series is one step closer to happening

The long campaign for a Dredd sequel looks to have paid off.

Hands in the box: New puzzle game Statik does right by...

Like other VR games, it’s brief, but what a mind-bender while it lasts. (Plus, co-op!)

Doctor Who: Thin Ice review

Bill and the Time Lord tackle different types of serpents in a classic Who episode.

An AI wrote all of David Hasselhoff’s lines in this bizarre...

Ars Film Debut: It's No Game was written partly by an AI destined to replace screenwriters.

Cory Doctorow’s Walkaway: hardware hackers face the climate apocalypse

The future is open-source in this optimistic sci-fi disaster epic full of big ideas.

Netflix slaps additional $1 billion on the price tag of producing...

More people will pay for original content like House of Cards.

Latest Image Comics masterpiece lands in world of lucid dreams and...

Turn the pages to discover so many gorgeous fragments of fully realized worlds.

Review: Cry Havoc an intriguing sci-fi “dudes on a map” throwdown

A truly asymmetric sci-fi war game in which the natives fight back.

As Netflix ramps up its films, Rob Redford in this sci-fi...

A sci-fi film about life after death kicks off what could be a big 2017 for Netflix.