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“Genericide” assault to nullify the Google trademark fails

Google doesnrsquo;t lose trademark even if it is a generic term for searching the Web.

Searchmetrics Inc. Implements Strategy to Secure Future; Receives Commitment for New...

San Mateo, CA – [May 8, 2017] – Searchmetrics Inc., a leading search engine optimization (“SEO”) and online content development provider in the United States, announced today that it has filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S.

Bankruptcy Code in Wilmington, Delaware, together with a proposed plan of reorganization that contemplates payment in full of all obligations recognized by the bankruptcy court.

The implementation of the Company’s strategy will position... Source: RealWire

Not-so-secret DOD “spy drone” footage, live on the Internet

Is that a live video feed from a Predator on the Internet? Well, yes and no.

Free search engine tool hunts down malware-infected computers

Internet search engine Shodan provides enterprise security teams a wealth of information about open ports on servers and other internet-connected devices. Now, as part of a partnership with threat intelligence company Recorded Future, security analysts and researchers can work with Shodan to uncover systems manipulated to control malware-infected devices.Shodan’s specialized crawler doesn’t gather information about websites, but rather details about the connected devices, including servers, routers, webcams, and other internet of things devices.

The new Malware Hunter crawler takes the scanning a step further and actively hunts for computers that are acting as remote access Trojan (RAT) command-and-control servers.

As such, it is a powerful tool for threat analysts, security operations center (SOC) teams, and dedicated security personnel within the enterprise trying to proactively identify and defend against certain types of malware families, said Levi Gundert, vice president of intelligence and strategy at Recorded Future.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Microsoft’s novel approach to securing IoT

One of the main problems facing industrial internet of things deployments is that perennial issue: security. When you’re deploying and managing hundreds or thousands of devices around an organization, how can you ensure that your devices are running the right firmware, are running the right software, or even that they’re communicating with the right servers? You have only to browse Shodan, a search engine for unsecured IoT hardware endpoints, to see how insecure the devices used to build our future on have become.It’s no surprise then that Microsoft is talking about its latest updates to Azure’s IoT tools, focusing on securing and managing devices. More important, it’s testing a novel approach to IoT security that could change the game enough to remove the brakes from IoT deployments.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

SAP’s TREX exposed HANA, NetWeaver

No jokes about dinosaurs SAP has rushed out a patch for its TREX search engine, after security researchers found bugs in a 2015 patch.…

SAP Updates Two-Year-Old Patch for TREX Vulnerability

SAP has issued an updated patch for a code-injection vulnerability affecting the TREX search engine integrated into more than a dozen SAP products.

Why we need to encrypt everything

If you've been paying attention lately, you've likely noticed that more of your everyday websites are going HTTPS by default: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even your favorite search engine.This is a good development.

For years, critics have derid...

Ajit Pai says broadband market too competitive for strict privacy rules

FCC Chair ignores lack of home Internet competition in argument against privacy rules.

Judge OKs warrant to reveal who searched a crime victim’s name...

Order seeks data for "any/all user or subscriber information" related to the searches.

Chrome for macOS to block rogue ad injections and settings changes

Google has expanded its Safe Browsing service, allowing Google Chrome on macOS to better protect users from programs that locally inject ads into webpages or that change the browser’s homepage and search settings.The Safe Browsing service is used by Google’s search engine, as well as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, to block users from accessing websites that host malicious code or malicious software.

The service is also used in Chrome to scan downloaded files and block users from executing those that are flagged as malicious.[ Docker, Amazon, TensorFlow, Windows 10, and more: See InfoWorld's 2017 Technology of the Year Award winners. | Cut to the key news in technology trends and IT breakthroughs with the InfoWorld Daily newsletter, our summary of the top tech happenings. ]“Safe Browsing is broadening its protection of macOS devices, enabling safer browsing experiences by improving defenses against unwanted software and malware targeting macOS,” Google said in a blog post Wednesday. “As a result, macOS users may start seeing more warnings when they navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Stuffed toys database left personal data exposed, says security expert

Internet of Things database containing personal information was indexed by Shodan search engine.