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You didnrsquo;t think this was the last yoursquo;d see of the spore drive, was it?
Elliot is back, so too is the high-wire filmmaking and haywire plot.
The Upside Down is back, and it looks like it's about to eat the world.
In the latest episode of The Expanse we see the fallout from the attack on Thoth Station.
A reportedly $5M Super Bowl teaser trailer shows Eleven and co. are back on Oct. 31.
Well, Elliot turned out to be in an institution...of sorts. Why is he jailed? Is Tyrell really dead? What's with Angela being so mean to her dad? PCMaggers Chandra Steele, Victoria Song, and Eric Griffith chatted for half an hour (or a Sam Esmail-ish half hour) on Slack today about this week's Mr. Robot. Read on for our discussion. Matthew Buzzi, Rob Marvin, and Pete Haas will be back next week. Or else. If you're behind, see our chat about episode six.
If you're really behind, watch Mr. Robot season one on Amazon Prime.

Also check out Chandra's recent conversation with Carly Chaikin, who plays Darlene.

And check out Evan Dashevsky's chat with Kor Adana, the show's "technology producer" and a former hacker himself, in the video below.
Steele [10:32 AM] are you ready to robot? Song [10:32 AM] yah, tho buzzi and rob are out Steele [10:32 AM] Are they still doing the show? Song [10:32 AM] no they just didn't watch last night Buzzi [10:33 AM] I was up til 3 writing the No Man's Sky review, watching 2 episodes after was.... Not a good idea Steele [10:33 AM] Buzzi knew I would not be in the office so he had no fear No Man's Sky gets you a pass Buzzi [10:33 AM] Otherwise I'd have broken kneecaps, Ray-style Griffith [10:33 AM] I watched this morning, dutifully. Steele [10:33 AM] Eric made great sacrifices, Buzzi So the rest of us will commence speaking about the show...now Griffith [10:34 AM] I got out of bed at 8am! Exhausting! Steele [10:34 AM] Think of how early Elliot gets up in prison! Griffith [10:34 AM] Prison? WHA??? Song [10:34 AM] Which, ding ding ding, not a mental hospital. Griffith [10:34 AM] that was the big twist. not a hospital Song [10:35 AM] Also, Ray...was the warden? Steele [10:35 AM] Not a mental hospital but still an institution Song [10:35 AM] Not an orderly? Steele [10:35 AM] I assume the warden or a guard Griffith [10:35 AM] No, I think Ray was a fellow inmate running a blackmarket oh, or maybe a guard, yes. Steele [10:35 AM] But he had an office Griffith [10:35 AM] that makes more sense. Steele [10:35 AM] And thought he'd help Elliot What kind of help seems questionable Griffith [10:36 AM] what matters most is Leon works for Whiterose.
In prison! guarding Elliot! Song [10:36 AM] That whole reveal was questionable Steele [10:36 AM] And the old "my dead wife was the one running the Silk Road" shtick Song [10:36 AM] "I didn't look at what the site sold" "until you" questionable Steele [10:36 AM] Everything about Ray is questionable Including why he'd let himself get caught And play chess when he's not that good Griffith [10:36 AM] I think anything said, not just seen, in Elliot's story, is filtered Song [10:37 AM] That might be mighty generous Steele [10:37 AM] Yeah, even Elliot knows we're fed up with it Song [10:37 AM] Ray was played up to be a Bad Dude, and he turned out to be a Sad Dude. Steele [10:37 AM] With his monologue at the end Griffith [10:37 AM] But he did great monologue deliveries.
I'll give him that. Song [10:37 AM] Elliot always does monologues well I just...the reveal that he was in prison was at least better than a mental hospital because it asks the question--well what did Elliot confess to or do to get there Steele [10:38 AM] As far as monologues go, the one I least believe was the Mr. Robot one about Tyrell's death Tyrell is not dead Griffith [10:38 AM] Tyrell is shot. but not dead. Steele [10:38 AM] Though his marriage is Song [10:38 AM] He's not dead but he's sure getting a divorce Ha. Yes. Steele [10:38 AM] What does Joanna want? Song [10:38 AM] Great minds. Griffith [10:38 AM] Not sure you can get a divorce without both parties! Song [10:38 AM] I'm sure she doesn't want to get doused with blood Steele [10:38 AM] In New York it is now easier to get a divorce Griffith [10:39 AM] As I well know! It wasn't easy when I did it! I think Tyrell might need to sign something. Song [10:39 AM] True--if he's dead she doesn't need to file for divorce Griffith [10:39 AM] That said... pretty sure everyone's got to be present/alive. Steele [10:39 AM] But being dead might preclude it Griffith [10:39 AM] if he's dead, she'd have to wait 7 years. (or maybe that's a thing only in the movies) Steele [10:39 AM] I hope Joey Bada$$ remains alive Ninja Joey Bada$$ Song [10:40 AM] Also the reveal that Elliot's mother is his prison guard Steele [10:40 AM] Dark Army Joey Bada$$ That woman watches a lot of TV for a prison guard Griffith [10:40 AM] They even went for the fake digital blood when Leon kicked the guy he'd stabbed, as if it was Walking Dead. Song [10:40 AM] But overall—satisfied or dissatisfied with the prison reveal? Steele [10:40 AM] Once the skinheads showed up I realized it was prison and not a mental institution Song [10:40 AM] It's not like it was a twist since most saw it coming. does that make it better or worse? Steele [10:41 AM] I was dissatisfied in a way Griffith [10:41 AM] While it was no surprise at all, I was satisfied.

Because we all knew Elliot was lying. We've always known it. Steele [10:41 AM] Maybe because we've been through this sort of reveal before Song [10:41 AM] The other thing is, I don't get the sense this is the "Twist" of the season Griffith [10:41 AM] Also, the way it was shot to reveal all the scenes--maybe Esmail is a better director than he is writer! Steele [10:41 AM] For me the reveal that should be satisfying is how the Dark Army ties into things Griffith [10:42 AM] And if Tyrell is doing ANYTHING Like, does Whiterose have him? Steele [10:42 AM] I am a strong believer in not directing your own work I think Whiterose is sending Joanna the gifts Song [10:42 AM] oooh. Steele [10:42 AM] There is no reason behind my theory, I just feel like Tyrell is too pat an answer Griffith [10:42 AM] Hooked up on life support, Tyrell is just barely alive enough to try and keep an eye on f Society for Whiterose. Like a Bond villian. Steele [10:43 AM] And if not him, then Whiterose Griffith [10:43 AM] speaking of F Society -- finally, there's a set of balls in Congress! (thanks, try the veal) Song [10:43 AM] That was priceless Steele [10:43 AM] Ah, so Tyrell as an agent of Dark Army Song [10:43 AM] Boehner's face. Very Forrest Gump-ian Steele [10:43 AM] How did they manage to drop that in? Griffith [10:44 AM] Remember when Darlene sent that obsequious dude to DC? That was his op. Steele [10:44 AM] Ohhhh Griffith [10:44 AM] dunno how they pulled that off tho. without getting shot by... everyone. Song [10:44 AM] Ahhhh Steele [10:44 AM] Aw, poor dude He probably can't code Song [10:44 AM] Well I don't think that would get you shot though who knows Steele [10:44 AM] He'd certainly get caught Griffith [10:44 AM] being on the roof of the Capitol should get you shot. Song [10:44 AM] I wanna talk about Angela though. Steele [10:44 AM] Like Angela By Dom Song [10:44 AM] great minds. Steele [10:44 AM] Angela seems to have no end game or too many end games Song [10:45 AM] I thought Dom was gonna do the thing where she's like, hinting that she knows without saying anything but then she outright threw it in Angela's face Steele [10:45 AM] Sometimes Dom just says everything Griffith [10:45 AM] At least we know she is NOT going to sleep with Pryce. Steele [10:45 AM] Name, address, social security number, I think you brought down the economy, whatever Song [10:45 AM] That was creepy. Griffith [10:46 AM] Dom will take a break for a bad barbecue.

As would we all. Steele [10:46 AM] They cannot do a scene where he does not sidle up to her Griffith [10:46 AM] I thought Pryce was going for the kiss.
I really did. Steele [10:46 AM] Dom needs to stop eating Dum Dums Song [10:46 AM] But it's her "thing" Griffith [10:46 AM] That's called "character!" Song [10:46 AM] *eyeroll* Steele [10:46 AM] I don't know if it's a character thing or is going to end up as a plot device Griffith [10:46 AM] like Kojak had character Steele [10:46 AM] Like she chokes to death on one or something Song [10:46 AM] Oh I'd love it if her dum dum was a chekhov's gun a hack is going on and she just throws the lollipop and it lands in elliot's ear Griffith [10:47 AM] that's how she'll kill Whiterose. stick a lollipop on one of Whiterose's nice dresses Steele [10:47 AM] I hope Sam Esmail is reading this Song [10:47 AM] the ridiculousness of that would kill me Steele [10:47 AM] Because this is the twist the season needs to end on Griffith [10:47 AM] there is absolutely no way they wouldn't find the femtocell about 30 minutes after Dom left Angela, right? Steele [10:47 AM] So Whiterose wants Dom alive, he wants Elliot alive Song [10:47 AM] Gotta say Dom is shaping up to be one of my favorite things about this season. Steele [10:48 AM] Will we see Dom and Elliot working together? Griffith [10:48 AM] Next year, Whiterose will make Dom, Eliot, and barely alive Tyrell team up Griffith [10:48 AM] to FIGHT CRIME Steele [10:48 AM] In China Spinoff Song [10:48 AM] I dunno, they seem to be pulling a cat-and-mouse with Dom and Elliot Griffith [10:48 AM] speaking of Dom and Elliot... why is Elliot in prison? for what crime? Steele [10:48 AM] It can't be for killing Tyrell And not for the hack Song [10:49 AM] Remember a few episodes back? Darlene alludes that he put himself in there? I got the feeling that maybe Elliot confessed to something, but I don't know what Griffith [10:49 AM] He turned himself in? Steele [10:49 AM] Oh yeah Maybe something with the drug dealer? Song [10:49 AM] But if I think about it, I'm not sure if that's just a feeling I have or if its corroborated Griffith [10:49 AM] Can't be the hack or he wouldn't get visitors like Darlene and Angela, they'd be under intense investigation Song [10:49 AM] Maybe something to do with Shayla Griffith [10:50 AM] True. the dead girlfriend. Steele [10:50 AM] And it has to be something that would be a pretty short sentence Whiterose letter or not Song [10:50 AM] Well I think his early release was predicated on getting Ray busted Steele [10:50 AM] Ah Griffith [10:50 AM] he's a model prisoner for that. Song [10:51 AM] But it also outs him as someone who's unnaturally skilled at hacking and Dom is so on his tail Steele [10:51 AM] Too bad Rob Marvin didn't watch last night because the whole Ecoin thing came up Song [10:51 AM] if she gets to Angela, she gets to Elliot Yeah I did think of Rob when the Ecoin thing popped up Griffith [10:51 AM] That's another nice thing: more effects in the real world.

Blood thrown on the rich! burning garbage! Song [10:51 AM] Also the newscasters! Endorsing E-Coin Steele [10:51 AM] Literal garbage fires Yeah, that was a breach of ethics, I thought Why endorse a new currency from a corporation? Griffith [10:52 AM] I'm sure the network was owned by E Corp. It wouldn't be "synergistic" if they didn't! Song [10:52 AM] I kind of want more interaction between fsociety and the consequences of their actions, but I don't think it's going to come from Darlene Now that Elliot's out, maybe he'll see more of what he's done up close and personal Griffith [10:52 AM] Darlene stole a smart house so she could avoid the real world. Steele [10:52 AM] We might soon be watching Breitbart TV in our Breitbart cabs and paying with Breitcoin, so yeah Song [10:53 AM] nope. Steele [10:53 AM] Where is the smart house woman? She was missing from the meeting Song [10:53 AM] OH yeah Steele [10:53 AM] Wasn't that her that they were looking for? Song [10:53 AM] You'd think she'd be on customer service everyday Steele [10:53 AM] I could not remember her name Song [10:53 AM] asking "why is my house not fixed yet" Griffith [10:53 AM] Not sure. Will have to look that up.
She's the corporate lawyer, so likely. Steele [10:53 AM] And maybe she'd show up to check on it That meeting was Angela's worst To show her hand like that Like nobody knows what she's up to Song [10:53 AM] Well, that and her meeting with Dad Griffith [10:54 AM] Angela wants to change things from the inside. even if it means not being nice to her only relative. she kinda is a horrible person. Song [10:54 AM] But you can't do it all on your own Griffith [10:54 AM] there, I said it.

Big Disney-eyed Angela SUCKS. Song [10:54 AM] I don't know if she's horrible or if she's honestly thinking she's doing the brave and right thing aw I like Angela Steele [10:54 AM] Maybe she turned bad when Elliot and Darlene made her watch the Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie Griffith [10:55 AM] That would break any human Song [10:55 AM] I don't think she's "bad"; I just think she believes she's doing what's right Steele [10:55 AM] I watched it, so look out Song [10:55 AM] and that's more dangerous lol Steele [10:55 AM] Next week we can look forward to Elliot being in the real world again Maybe Song [10:55 AM] Well physically being in the real world mentally? Steele [10:55 AM] Never mentally Song [10:55 AM] slackbot [10:55 AM] ¯\_(?)_/¯ Steele [10:56 AM] I think I saw that guy in prison Song [10:56 AM] Ha Griffith [10:56 AM] BadA$$ gonna cut him. Song [10:56 AM] Hope Joey BadA$$ gets out of prison too Steele [10:56 AM] I think Joey Bada$$ put himself there and has already gotten himself out Griffith [10:56 AM] I'm sure if Elliot gets out, so does Leon. Song [10:57 AM] I wanna watch their buddy cop adventure Steele [10:57 AM] So next week I assume we watch Dom at a barbecue for an hour In real time Griffith [10:57 AM] I would totally watch that! Song [10:57 AM] She's so delightfully socially awkward that it would produce at least 5 gold star moments Griffith [10:57 AM] I would just sit next to her for an hour, saying nothing. Watching her eat ribs. Steele [10:57 AM] That's why she relies on the lollipop Griffith [10:58 AM] I may have a crush. And I like ribs. Song [10:58 AM] Steele [10:58 AM] You just got married Eric Song [10:58 AM] If you ignore the other two powerpuff girls, Blossom kinda looks like Dom and Mojo Jojo can be...uh...fsociety? Griffith [10:59 AM] As a wise chessplayer probably once said, "Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu." Steele [10:59 AM] Song , go tell Buzzi that Elliot is dead and Tyrell killed him Song [10:59 AM] Roger Steele [10:59 AM] That is his punishment for not watching for two weeks Song [10:59 AM] I'm so curious to see whether or not he'll come back with "this season is meh" or if the last two episodes, with the retro and the reveal, might bring him back into the fold Steele [10:59 AM] He's going to love last week's episode and hate this one Griffith [11:00 AM] This season is a lot of things -- hell, it's like watching 4 different tv shows sometimes--but not "meh" Song [11:00 AM] He doesn't even know we're taking bets. Steele [11:00 AM] We'll tell him next week Song [11:00 AM] It's like we're...plotting.