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His successor has built a reputation for making tough cuts to get in the black.
"Hold on! Just hold on for a bit longer."
GMrsquo;s acquisition of Cruise seems to be paying big dividends.
Behind the scenes with the tech and people behind Awesome Games Done Quick
"I am a little relieved to be able to ride on the return Soyuz."
"Single-handedly responsible for the WORST games to ever be enjoyed by millions of people."
The Internet of Things is no longer a pipe dream. Millions of sensors and Internet-connected devices constantly collecting data for analysis—this is now everyday reality in fields like telecom, utilities and manufacturing. Chris Menier leads the IT ...
Intel is grappling with a processor design flaw impacting CPUs used in Linux, Windows and some macOS systems.
The Web's #1 advertising company makes a power play with its own ad blocker.
Former CapGemini man steps in after last CEO bailed after nasty sniping Infosys has named its next leader: Salil S. Parekh will become as CEO an managing director as of January 2nd, 2018, and has been appointed for five years.…
I attended some meetings and the NESMA seminar in Germany last week, and as I was looking at flight options from New York City, I saw one on Singapore Airlines. Of course, I jumped on it.
Singapore might be one of the only airlines where I don’t fee...
Regulatorsrsquo; hands-off approach sped Waymorsquo;s introduction of fully driverless cars.