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Valve discusses user-centric changes to Steam’s game discovery problem

Upcoming updates should up the power of power users' upvotes.

Need booze or bandages immediately? Alexa can get it for you...

When you're in desperate need but can't be bothered to leave the house.

Abandoned calls clog 911 in Dallas and may have led to...

City may be at fault for problem initially blamed on T-Mobile "ghost calls."

Lawsuit: Greedy drug maker purposefully flooded black market with opioids

City of Everett, WA prepares for legal battle with Purdue Pharma over opioid epidemic.

Did Alexa hear a murder? We may finally find out

However, novel and vexing legal questions about IoT data privacy won't be answered.

30 days jail for operator of drone that knocked woman unconscious

Pilot’s attorney says punishment “too severe.” Authorities expect more accidents.

Amazon refusing to hand over data on whether Alexa overheard a...

Amazon: Alexa and its users have a First Amendment right of protected speech.

Google Fiber makes expansion plans for $60 wireless gigabit service

As Google Fiber scales back fiber builds, signs point to wireless expansion.

Rube Goldberg exhibit world premiere celebrates art and silliness of machines

Famed artistic eye put spin on America's 20th century engineering era.

Valve is developing three full-length VR games in Unity and Source...

The words "half," "life," and "three" were not mentioned. Please stop asking.

Judge sides with Microsoft, allows “gag order” challenge to advance

Court: "First Amendment rights may outweigh the Government interest in secrecy."

Apple, Google, and 95 other tech firms join forces to fight...

Companies say executive order is "overbroad…lacks any basis in precedent."