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State Department moves to downgrade cyber-diplomacy office

Move demotes US cyber diplomats as part of department overhaul.

White House voter commission publishes names, numbers of worried citizens

Vice president's spokesman dismisses concerns: "These are public comments."

States refuse to give Trump commission personal data of registered voters

Lawsuit: Commission asks states "to send voter records to an unsecure web site."

US Secretary of State: Я буду работать с Россией по вопросам...

Pish, hackers, smackers, says Rex Tillerson Analysis  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has expressed a willingness to work directly with Russia on cybersecurity and other issues.…

Georgia’s voting system is uniquely vulnerable to election-tampering hackers

Report uncovers a litany of lapses in voting system used state wide.

Trump stands with climate change deniers, withdraws from Paris Agreement

The long-awaited decision is to join Nicaragua and Syria on the sidelines.

Theranos directors trusted Elizabeth Holmes more than their own eyes

When employees and media started raising concerns, the board did nothing.

President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey over Clinton e-mail probe

“Today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” Trump says.

North Korea tests missile in what may be step toward mobile...

Next up appears to be another nuclear test.

Secretary of State Tillerson used e-mail alias as Exxon CEO

Climate change investigation leads New York AG to request “Wayne Tracker” e-mails.

Magnetic storage reaches the atomic level

The magnetic field of a single atom is read and written, but it's not very stable.

Mike Pence used an AOL e-mail account for state business and...

As a candidate, Trump VP castigated Clinton for use of a private e-mail server.