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Cisco patches switch hijacking hole – the one exploited by the...

Telnet security flaw fix finally lands – or just use SSH, yeah? Cisco has patched a critical security flaw in its switches that can be potentially exploited by miscreants to hijack networks – a flaw disclosed in the Vault 7 leak of CIA files.…

VU#491375: Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) does not properly enforce access...

Technologies based on Intel Active Management Technology may be vulnerable to remote privilege escalation,which may allow a remote,unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system.

Hackers uncork experimental Linux-targeting malware

SSH... it's Shishiga Hackers have unleashed a new malware strain that targets Linux-based systems.…

New Linux SSH server shows off Golang’s infrastructure power

Gravitational, maker of a software-as-a-service support system built with Kubernetes, has released the latest open source iteration of a key part of that system.Teleport, an SSH server that provides support teams with a simpler way to remotely manag...

Stop us if you’ve heard this: Cisco Aironet has hard-coded passwords

Get patching, friends Cisco's discovered that its Mobility Express Software, shipped with Aironet 1830 Series and 1850 Series access points, has a hard-coded admin-level SSH password.…

Pushing apps to the edge, Fly.io puts middleware in the cloud

New service puts logic closer to users, aims to be "global load balancer" for apps.

Discover the power of Bash on Windows

Microsoft Windows may be the dominant player on the desktop, but the rapidly increasing open source software market—especially for admin and dev tools—clearly favors Linux. Not to mention the mobile market, where Android uses Linux variants. If you’re a developer on Windows, the drumbeat to get hip to Linux capabilities keeps getting louder. Over the years, Microsoft has introduced various workarounds for using Linux capabilities on Windows, such as PowerShell with SSH and Cygwin and MSYS. Running Linux inside a virtual machine is another option. But VMs consume a significant amount of resources and don’t provide a first-class Linux experience, as you can’t edit local files or get full access to local drives, for example.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Google App Engine adds C#, Node.js, and Ruby options

Google is enhancing developer options on two fronts, adding language options to its App Engine PaaS cloud and moving its event-driven computing platform, Cloud Functions, to public beta. It announced the moves at the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco.App Engine will now provide development environments for C#, Node.js, and Ruby, having already supported Go, Java 8, PHP 5-7, and Python 2 and 3 in a similar out-of-the-box manner. Node.js support had been on App Engine in a beta stage previously.[ Get started: A developer’s guide to serverless computing. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ]Google will give developers the option of using other languages on App Engine, provided they are willing to bring their own runtimes for them. App Engine also supports packaging applications as Docker containers, which could be run inside the Google cloud or elsewhere, and is getting better support for high-control scenarios, providing SSH (Secure Shell) access. A developer, for example, may want to do advanced debugging or gain more insight into their application.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Hacker George Hotz cancels Model S order after Tesla reminds him...

Was set to receive a car last week, then came a last-minute call from Tesla legal.

New(ish) Mirai Spreader Poses New Risks

A cross-platform win32-based Mirai spreader and botnet is in the wild and previously discussed publicly. However, there is much information confused together, as if an entirely new IoT bot is spreading to and from Windows devices.

This is not the case.
Instead, an accurate assessment is that a previously active Windows botnet is spreading a Mirai bot variant.

Uber Debuts SSH Key Authentication Module

Developers at Uber have unveiled a new module to help users enable the continuous re-authentication of SSH keys.

RHSA-2017:0195-1: Important: ansible security update

An update for ansible is now available for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10.0(Newton).Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact ofImportant.

A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which givesa detailed s...