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How to think about Docker security

Twain Tyler helps startups change the way teams build and ship applications, and writes about container security for Twistlock.Is Docker secure? Thatrsquo;s the million-dollar question as more and more organizations migrate production workloads to containers.But thatrsquo;s a simplistic question, and there is not a yes or no answer.
Instead of thinking in binary terms about Docker security (that is, trying to decide whether it is secure or not) itrsquo;s better to delve into the details of how Docker works in order to understand how the Docker security paradigm plays out.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

The cybersecurity landscape according to Carbon Black’s CEO

How does 'next-generation' antivirus software improve on the traditional variety? How can the IoT be made more secure? These are just some of the questions we put to Carbon Black's Patrick Morley.

How to install Linux on a Chromebook (and why you should)

Crouton and Gallium OS turn Chromebooks into Linux laptops.

Forrester: Rapid Cloud Adoption Drives Demand for Security Tools

Cloud services revenue is poised to skyrocket from $114 billion in 2016 to $236 billion by 2020, driving the market for products to secure data in the cloud.

BrandPost: Moving Toward a Thinking Cloud

I went to IBM InterConnect* this spring, and therersquo;s great newsmdash;the cloud is becoming bigger, faster, and more secure.

And most exciting, itrsquo;s becoming smarter. Wersquo;re working with IBM to combine Intel technologies and expertise with IBM Cloud to create a cloud-native architecture that drives machine efficiency, maximizes resource utilization, and enables the creation of vastly scalable and powerful new applications like artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing.Irsquo;ll explain how thatrsquo;s happening, but first let me tell you about bigger, faster, and more secure.

Those are advances you can use today to take control over your data to meet performance, security or data sovereignty regulation, protecting sensitive information in the cloud.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Open-source software management fails to meet security concerns

A recent survey suggests that the enterprise is more reliant than ever on open-source, but failing to manage and secure it effectively.

RSA SecurID admin console can issue emergency access to decent social...

Put the management interface behind the firewall, pronto Stop us if you've heard this one: an emergency access feature offered by RSA for SecurID token customers isn't completely secure.…

Gold Coast buckles down on security ahead of Commonwealth Games

The event's head of security says technology will play a big part in making the Commonwealth Games a safe and secure environment.

eProseed Migrates Aljomaih’s IT Systems to Oracle SuperCluster

Aljomaih Holding Company, one of the top 10 investment groups in Saudi Arabia, called upon eProseed's expertise to assist in the migration of its Oracle E-Business Suite environment to Oracle SuperCluster, the most secure and powerful platform for Orac...

Console Connect announces agreement with The Bunker to provide interconnection capabilities...

Deal will develop Console Connectrsquo;s position in financial sector and improve the data sovereignty options of The Bunkerrsquo;s customersLondon, UK, 13th June, 2017 – Console Connect, a leading provider of global direct connect solutions, today announced a deal with The Bunker, the ultra-secure Managed Services Provider.

The agreement will provide a secure means of data transmission between The Bunkerrsquo;s ex-MOD facilities and private and public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services.The agreement also represents an... Source: RealWire

Intel fires warning shots at Microsoft, claims x86 emulation is a...

Intel doesn't name names, but Windows 10 on ARM is surely the target of its ire.

White-box webcam scatters vulnerabilities though multiple OEMs

Hands up anyone who tests what they stick their labels on.

Anyone? We thought not The Internet of Things got just a lot worse, with F-Secure unravelling eighteen vulnerabilities in IP cameras from Chinese vendor Foscam.…