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The software we run has never been more difficult to vouchsafe than it is today.
It is scattered between local deployments and cloud services, built with open source components that aren’t always a known quantity, and delivered on a fast-moving sche...
Boston, MA, and Oxford, UK | October 12 2017 | Digital preservation specialist Preservica has today announced that its popular cloud hosted (SaaS) preservation and access software is now available in the AWS Canada (Central) region. Preservica Cloud Ed...
Microsoft selected as trusted cloud platform to provide secure, reliable access to Finastra payments solutionsLondon, UK, and Toronto, Canada, 12 October 2017 – Finastra is bringing its next-generation payments solutions to the cloud via Microsof...
Timeline of compromise goes back to April VB2017  Avast staffers spoke at the Virus Bulletin International Conference in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday to shed more light on their postmortem of the CCleaner fiasco – and urge developers to protect their software's toolchain and distribution systems from hackers.…
Best practices to avoid the dangers of developing vulnerability-ridden apps.
You can now encrypt repositories to keep them private and secure.
Google broadens HTTPS Strict Transport Security to Top Level Domains under its control and makes them secure by default.
The fewer humans involved with the database and cyberdefense the more secure data will be, argued Oracle CTO Larry Ellison.
Autofill form service MyInfo will be linked to all SingPass accounts used to access e-government services, with the data stored--not in "a digital vault"--but across multiple systems and protected with various security measures.
Google, through Google Domains, operates many TLDs, and this week said it would begin enforcing HSTS on those TLDs. HSTS forces secure client connections over HTTPS.
Cyberthieves are impersonating banks to send bogus "secure" bank email messages.
A new campaign is looking to take advantage of the trust customers put into communications with their bank.