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Marcus Hutchins, the researcher who stopped WCry, complained his code was lifted.
DAILY VIDEO: WannaCry security researcher pleads not guilty to creating malware; Court ruling favors Western Digital in memory chip tiff with Toshiba; Organizations willing to try out longer passwords, study finds; and there's more.
Yet 'alternative' UK financial service has complied with law Customers of UK financial services firm FFrees said they were unaware of a breach that took place there four months ago until a security researcher got in touch with them.…
Marcus Hutchins refutes the charges that he created the Kronos banking trojan, entering a plea of not guilty, in a Wisconsin federal courthouse.
Marcus Hutchins is accused of creating software that became the malware Kronos.
WannaCry ransomware killer due in court August 14 British security researcher Marcus Hutchins was released on Monday from a Nevada jail after posting bail. He is now on his way to Milwaukee to face charges of selling malware online.…
US law enforcement arrested British security researcher Marcus Hutchins for allegedly developing and selling the Kronos banking Trojan.
Prosecutors say Marcus Hutchins admitted he wrote alleged malware.

Defense disagrees.
The security researcher rose to fame for curbing the spread of the WannaCry ransomware in May.
Marcus Hutchins, a British national, is in FBI custody.
Hack isnrsquo;t simple and doesnrsquo;t work on all devices, but itrsquo;s definitely doable.
Researchers have found that it's trivial to remotely access one brand of security camera.