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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Key handshake shakedown Users are urged to continue using WPA2 pending the availability of a fix, experts have said, as a security researcher goes public with more information about a serious flaw in the security protocol.…
A security researcher said the tool, which is supposed to prevent SQL injections, could be easily bypassed.
People visiting TransUnionrsquo;s Central American redirected to a potpourri of badness.
T-Mobile missed bug that allowed harvesting of IMSI numbers, security question answers.
All your private addresses and search queries are belong to us.
Rogue apps can exfiltrate all plaintext passwords, no master password required.
Since deleted, post gave public and private key for Adobe incident response team.
Mixup shows that even company officials can be fooled by look-alike names.
Help wanted at Equifax.

Badly Further evidence has emerged regarding the insecurity of Equifaxrsquo;s web setup, as independent security researcher Scott Helme reports having uncovered all manner of problems with Equifaxrsquo;s security header configuration.…
Something smelled fishy Icelandrsquo;s home delivery service exposed sensitive customer information for months until the problem was plugged this week, a UK security researcher discovered.…
'Basically, everything was pwned, from the Lan to the Wan' A security researcher has shamed D‑Link by publicly disclosing 10 serious, as-yet unpatched vulnerabilities in a line of consumer-grade routers without notifying the vendor first.…
The security researcher says the general public should immediately disconnect their router until patches are available.