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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Google might buy a dying Android OEM again.
A deep-learning network known as a GAN has been applied to passwords, and a tool called PassGAN significantly improves the ability to guess user passwords over tools such as Hashcat or John the Ripper.
Comcast VP is glad Trump is “less hostilerdquo; to mergers than Obama.
Half-price standalone expansion somehow manages to be the best Dishonored yet.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to become commonplace throughout our lives.
It powers the search engines we use to find new information, automated machines (including emerging autonomous vehicles), and even medical diagnoses.

But one of the...
It'll be written by series creator James Cameron, too.
We thought the Vision GT idea was dead, but it's been dusted off for the new PS4 game.
The issue arises when the watch tries to join "unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks."
Issue 'endemic' across public sector, shriek experts Greater Manchester Police (GMP) currently has 1,518 PCs running on Microft's dusty operating system Windows XP, according to a Freedom of Information response.…
ML has more than just a learning curve to overcome before it transforms business.
C'mon, you POS... >:( Lloyds Bank has admitted that unspecified technical problems affected the operation of its Cardnet payment system on Tuesday while denying suggestions relayed to a Reg reader that it had suffered a cyber attack.…
Businesses that are cloud-focused tend to run the most secure software, while the healthcare sector is struggling the most when it comes to accomplishing the same goal, according to the BSIMM8 Report.