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Network Time Protocol updated to spook-harden user comms

Network time lords decide we don't need IP address swaps The Internet Engineering Task Force has taken another small step in protecting everybody's privacy – this time, in making the Network Time Protocol a bit less spaffy.…

Microsoft Master File Table bug exploited to BSOD Windows 7, 8.1

The 1990s called: they want their filepath hack back Until Microsoft patches this problem, use Chrome: a slip in file-path handling allows attacker to crash Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 with a file call.…

Aruba bugs squashed in seven-vuln splatfest

ClearPass Policy Manager needs upgrade In case you missed it: there's a bunch of bad bugs in HPE's Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager.…

Inflatable space habitat passes first hurdle, now onto radiation testing

Tests will determine whether inflatables play a role in deep space exploration.

A 16th-century engineer whose work almost defeated an Empire

When the Ottomans laid siege to Rhodes, this smart inventor held them off for months.

I was struck by lightning yesterday—and boy am I sore

Ars technical director: "I, I, I... think we need to call 911."

This is what it’s like to be struck by lightning

If hit by lightning, therersquo;s a 9 in 10 chance to survivemdash;what are the lasting effects?

Microsoft Quietly Patches Another Critical Malware Protection Engine Flaw

Microsoft quietly patched a critical vulnerability found by Google's Project Zero team in the Malware Protection Engine.

Our galaxy produces 1013kg of antimatter a second—how?

New study proposes a (relatively) mundane source: a specific class of supernova.

Chipotle: Hackers did to our registers what our burritos did to...

Fast food chain cops to POS malware breach Fast-food chain Chipotle says hackers infected its point of sale terminals to gain access to card data from stores in 47 states and Washington, DC.…

TRUMP SCANDAL! No, not that one. Or that one. Or that...

Hackers target The Donald's businesses The FBI and CIA are investigating an attempted hack on the Trump Organization.…

IDG Contributor Network: How to work with HTTP Range Headers in...

HTTP 1.1 provides support for range headers – it allows you to specify range headers to enable the client to retrieve partial response.

This can be used to retrieve partial content when working over HTTP.
It's a technique that's widely used when streaming video files, for instance.With this approach, rather than retrieving the entire data at one go, your application can retrieve the data partially, in chunks.

This feature can be particularly helpful in scenarios when the client needs to recover the data from interrupted connections that might occur due to cancelled requests, or connections to the server that have been dropped.The HTTP 206 Partial Content status code and its associated headers enable the clients or the web browsers to retrieve partial content in lieu of the complete content when a request is sent. Note that most modern-day web servers provide support for range requests.

The ByteRangeStreamContent class that has been added to WebAPI makes it easier to work with range requests.

The ByteRangeStreamContent class works similarly to how, let's say, StreamContent works – with the exception that it can provide a view over a stream that is seekable. Note that a MemoryStream or a FileStream is seekable, i.e., they can be used to do ranges over them.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here