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Hack the server room! No tech required

As we are all painfully aware, IT security comes in many forms, from technical details to physical barriers.

But a word of advice: Double-check all your new security measures.

Then step back and think through anything that could be related to the changes you put in place.

Finally, check to make sure those, too, are secured adequately.I worked at one company some years ago where I was given an office near a server room. Not long before then, the IT execs had asked for measures to be taken to better secure the servers.[ Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, we’ll send you a $50 American Express gift card—and keep you anonymous.
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The concern arose because this server stored data for a billion-dollar operation that contained sensitive information we were required to preserve.

They wanted to tightly control access to the room.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Hacker leaks Orange is the New Black new season after ransom...

Breach of post-production company poses potential threat to many networks' shows.

Chrome, Firefox, and Opera users beware: This isn’t the apple.com you...

Unicode sleight of hand makes it hard for even savvy users to detect impostor sites.

Flaws let attackers hijack multiple Linksys router models

Two dozen Linksys router models are vulnerable to attacks that could extract sensitive information from their configurations, cause them to become unresponsive and even completely take them over.The vulnerabilities were discovered by senior security...

Tanium exposed hospital’s IT while using its network in sales demos

CEO used client hospital's network in demo "hundreds of times," reports WSJ.

Penquin’s Moonlit Maze

Moonlight Maze is the stuff of cyberespionage legend.
In 1996, in the infancy of the Internet, someone was rummaging through military, research, and university networks primarily in the United States, stealing sensitive information on a massive scale.

To say that this historic threat actor is directly related to the modern day Turla would elevate an already formidable modern day attacker to another league altogether.

Doxed by Microsoft’s Docs.com: Users unwittingly shared sensitive docs publicly

Microsoft pulled search bar from site after security researchers raised red flags.

Norfolk County Council sent filing cabinet filled with kids’ info to...

And all it got in return was a £60k fine Updated  Norfolk County Council left files containing sensitive information about children in a cabinet which was dispatched to a second hand shop.…

ISPs say your Web browsing and app usage history isn’t “sensitive”

ISP lobby groups make case against the FCC’s broadband privacy rules.

Cisco Prime Optical for Service Providers RADIUS Secret Disclosure Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the web network management interface of Cisco Prime Optical for Service Providers could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to disclose sensitive information in the configuration generated for a device.

The a...

VU#355151: ACTi cameras models from the D, B, I, and E...

According to the reporter,ACTi devices including D,B,I,and E series models using firmware version A1D-500-V6.11.31-AC are vulnerable to several issues.

FCC halts data security regulations for broadband providers

The U.S.

Federal Communications Commission has halted new rules that would require high-speed internet providers to take ‘reasonable’ steps to protect customer data.In a 2-1 vote that went along party lines, the FCC voted Wednesday to stay temporarily one part of privacy rules passed in October that would give consumers the right to decide how their data is used and shared by broadband providers.[ Read 'em and weep: 5 ways your ISP is screwing you. | 5 more ways your ISP is screwing you. | Cut to the key news in technology trends and IT breakthroughs with the InfoWorld Daily newsletter, our summary of the top tech happenings. ]The rules include the requirement that internet service providers should obtain “opt-in” consent from consumers to use and share sensitive information such as geolocation and web browsing history, and also give customers the option to opt out from the sharing of non-sensitive information such as email addresses or service tier information.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here