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Yes, itrsquo;s time for another reader poll Study  Phishing is the attempt to obtain personal, private, or commercially sensitive information or funds by impersonating a trustworthy source.

Fraudsters commonly use email to quarry their pray, but messaging apps, social media, fake websites, and phone calls are frequently used too.

Consumer phishing attacks still outnumber those specifically targeting businesses and institutions, but this should not lull IT and business managers into a false sense of security.…
Carbon Black, an endpoint detection and response (EDR) service, sends binary data to a cloud malware analysis service under recommended settings that would allow third-parties to mind mine the files for sensitive information.
IBM fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in its Worklight and MobileFirst products that could have let an attacker steal sensitive information.
That was one expensive email for the storage specialist Seagate will cough up $5.75m to settle a lawsuit brought after its bungling staff accidentally handed over employees' sensitive information to fraudsters.…
Scrutiny a result of a lawyer's unauthorized release of sensitive information on tens of thousands of wealthy Well Fargo customers.
L.A. resident is sentenced to 110 months in prison for stealing and trafficking sensitive information on exclusive Russian-speaking cybercriminal forums.
Motoring org denies sensitive information was exposed Breakdown and car insurance outfit AA has been scolded for its handling of a data breach that spilled customer email addresses and partial credit card numbers.…
State law could protect customers' browsing history, but FCC rule is still dead.
I went to IBM InterConnect* this spring, and therersquo;s great newsmdash;the cloud is becoming bigger, faster, and more secure.

And most exciting, itrsquo;s becoming smarter. Wersquo;re working with IBM to combine Intel technologies and expertise with IBM Cloud to create a cloud-native architecture that drives machine efficiency, maximizes resource utilization, and enables the creation of vastly scalable and powerful new applications like artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing.Irsquo;ll explain how thatrsquo;s happening, but first let me tell you about bigger, faster, and more secure.

Those are advances you can use today to take control over your data to meet performance, security or data sovereignty regulation, protecting sensitive information in the cloud.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
'Smart' home IoT devices reveal dumb amounts of what they're up to every time they go online Princeton boffins reckon the Internet of woefully insecure things yields sensitive information about connected homes with nothing more than a bit of network traffic analysis.…
Verarsquo;s job is to bolster usersrsquo; ability to ensure that only trusted individuals can access sensitive information in real time, regardless of its location.
As we are all painfully aware, IT security comes in many forms, from technical details to physical barriers.

But a word of advice: Double-check all your new security measures.

Then step back and think through anything that could be related to the changes you put in place.

Finally, check to make sure those, too, are secured adequately.I worked at one company some years ago where I was given an office near a server room. Not long before then, the IT execs had asked for measures to be taken to better secure the servers.[ Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, we’ll send you a $50 American Express gift card—and keep you anonymous.
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The concern arose because this server stored data for a billion-dollar operation that contained sensitive information we were required to preserve.

They wanted to tightly control access to the room.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here