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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Microsoft’s beta Napa.js runtime is offering multithreaded support for the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, to provide the flexibility of JavaScript with speedy performance akin to C++’s.By introducing multithreading to Node.js, the Napa.js ...
Tech laces networks with decoys to contain breaches Israel-based Illusive Networks claims that its approach of planting poison-pill servers in a network can detect incoming attacks faster than any other method.…
All data would be lost if PETSrsquo; DB2 server went down or data corrupted.
Your periodic reminder: Google is chronically unable to detect untrustworthy apps.
Feds claim legal right to reach into the world's servers with a valid US warrant.
On October 10, 2017, Kaspersky Labrsquo;s advanced exploit prevention systems identified a new Adobe Flash zero day exploit used in the wild against our customers.

The exploit was delivered through a Microsoft Office document and the final payload was the latest version of FinSpy malware. We have reported the bug to Adobe who assigned it CVE-2017-11292 and released a patch earlier today.
Reading UK. October 16, 2017 - IGEL, a world leader in endpoint management software for the secure enterprise, today announced that Lewisham Homes has completed a project to install multimedia UD3 terminals and its UDC software throughout its head offi...
Node.js, a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for servers and applications, offers many benefits. Low memory usage, good performance, and a large ecosystem of packages, which currently number about 475,000, have made Node.js a popular cho...
A compromised US government server has been used to host malware in the attack chain.
Python has seen wide adoption across industries and disciplines by dint of being easy to work with.

But it has also been aidednbsp;by a wealth of third-party projectsmdash;libraries, add-ons, and complementary development effortsmdash;that extend the language to an ever widening range of use cases.Some of these projects, like PyInstaller and WxPython, shine for Python developers who are building desktop and end-user apps. Others, like PyPy, are used to give server-side Python apps extra oomph. And others, like PBR, CFFI, and MyPy, are useful for developing all kinds of Python apps, no matter where they might run. [ Tutorial: How to get started with Python. | Go deeper with the InfoWorld megaguide: The best Python frameworks and IDEs. | Discover 2017rsquo;s best open source software for enterprise: The Bossie Award winners. | Track the latest trends in open source with InfoWorldrsquo;s Open Source Report newsletter. ]If yoursquo;re a Python developer, all six of these projects are worth getting familiar with.

And all six have rolled out major new versions in recent weeks. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Kotlin is on its way to overtaking Java on that mobile platform, claims mobile database maker Realm.Realm performed an anonymized assessment of 100,000 developers using its database and which languages they were using, determined by developers’ sele...
Crime ring opened minimal accounts with banks, then boosted their withdrawal limits.