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California may restore broadband privacy rules killed by Congress and Trump

State law could protect customers' browsing history, but FCC rule is still dead.

Cats are an extreme outlier among domestic animals

Massive study of ancient and modern cat genomes reveals an unusual history.

Ovum Research: PSD2 and Instant Payments to drive a 37% decline...

Retail Instant Payments in Europe will hit €725bn in transactions by the end of 2027Single card payments set to decline from 40% to 11% market share by 2027Instant Payments will become one of the main online payment tools in Europe, accounting for roughly €338bn of direct online expenditure Dublin, Ireland, 19th June 2017 – A ground breaking study from Ovum, the market-leading research and consulting firm, for the first time quantifies the detrimental effect Instant... Source: RealWire

The pitfalls and potential of inexpensive 3D scanning solutions

Ars puts five home 3D scanning options to the ultimate testmdash;scanning kids and clay cats.

Amazon goes big into brick-and-mortar with $13.7 billion Whole Foods purchase

Amazon is buying the chain at $42 a share, but John Mackey will remain CEO.

Uber rape victim sues Uber, says execs got her medical records

Uber exec said to share medical records with CEO Kalanick.

Nigerian phishing: Industrial companies under attack

In late 2016, the Kaspersky Lab Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team reported on phishing attacks that were primarily targeting industrial companies from the metallurgy, electric power, construction, engineering and other sectors.

As further research demonstrated, this was just part of a bigger story that began much earlier and is unlikely to end any time soon.

In March, wind and solar generated a record 10% of US...

And stationary storage batteries had a booming quarter, too.

IBM Integrates with BMW CarData to Enable New Services for Drivers

CarData gives BMW customers the ability to share telematics data from their vehicles with third parties of their choice, which could be a local repair shop, parts distributor or insurance company.

Play Store downloads show Google Pixel sales limited to 1 million...

For this rare moment in history, the Play Store reveals Pixel sales numbers.

US tops charts in study finding a third of world is...

Battle of the bulge is global, and experts blame junk food and kid-aimed food ads.

There are more than 2 million electric vehicles on the road...

According to an IEA report, Norway and China have been pulling the weight when it comes to EV sales.