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Your new friend, KLara

In RD we use a lot of open-source projects and we believe giving back to the community is our way of saying ‘Thank yoursquo;. More and more security companies are releasing their open-source projects and we would like to contribute with our distributed YARA scanner.
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In a heartfelt speech, Tim Schafer recalls Will Wright's crucial generosity.
Musk will get billionsmdash;but only if Tesla stock rises substantially.
Plus deals on the HTC Vive, the Switch Pro Controller, and a sitewide eBay sale.
US sanctions? Iranian actions? Simple error?
The paths to cloud computing are not all the same.

Although many enterprises aggressively use cloud computing to change how they do business, others are just trying to save 20 or 30 percent in ops costs.When it coes to how you’ll use the cloud, ask ...
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Cybercrime as a service takes another step forward.
A panel reflects on the uphill battle that electric vehicles have ahead of them.