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Musk will get billionsmdash;but only if Tesla stock rises substantially.
Vivendi is officially out of the picturemdash;but Tencentrsquo;s Western dominance only rises.
Holmes will pay $500,000 penalty and return 18.9 million shares.
Jun Ying 'dumped' shares before megabreach went public A former Equifax exec was today charged with insider trading for offloading almost $1m of shares before the company went public about the scandalous mass data breach.…
CIO of a US business unit within Equifax had reportedly learned of the company's data breach and sold his shares for nearly $1 million.
Plus deals on Samsung and LG 4K TVs, microSD cards, headphones, and more.
Corero shares a kill switch for the Memcached vulnerability and reports the flaw is more extensive than originally believed.
Secure messaging and collaboration provider Wickr now publicly shares security testing details of its software.
WallyGPX draws on Baltimore with his mountain bike and GPS tracking data.
Conan, a distributed, open source package and dependency manager, promises to bring C and C++ into devops.The multiplatform package manager builds and shares native binaries.

Conan’s ability to quickly create builds, port packages, and run them on d...
"Atari Token" and "Pong Token" continue long trend of zombie corporate licensing.
David Gewirtz shares a real-world example of how a cloud-based disaster recovery strategy can help sustain business continuity, even for small businesses and families.