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As two California cities sue oil companies, judge requests climate tutorial.
Lack of bundled controllers and trackers decreases the value proposition.
In a victory for securing Web, anybody can now get a certificate valid for every site in a domain.
And most feel that AI morality is managementrsquo;s problem.
There are three ways of doing things in the malware business: the right way, the wrong way and the way Brazilians do it.

From the early beginnings, using skimmers on ATMs, compromising point of sales systems, or even modifying the hardware of processing devices, Latin America has been a fertile ground for collecting credit and debit cards en masse.
A vulnerability in Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning (PCP) Software could allow an unauthenticated, local attacker to log in to the underlying Linux operating system. The vulnerability is due to a hard-coded account password on the system.

Atomic radius expands, pulling neighboring atoms into its warm embrace.
Ongoing attacks give complete control and require no user interaction.
Neanderthals created art and knew how to use symbols, new studies say.
"Chaos" gives attackers, and follow-on attackers, full control over infected boxes.
A vulnerability in an operations script of Cisco UCS Central could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary shell commands with the privileges of the daemon user. The vulnerability is due to insufficient input validation.

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A vulnerability in the diagnostic shell for Cisco IOS XE Software could allow an authenticated, local attacker to use certain diagnostic shell commands that can overwrite system files.

These system files may be sensitive and should not be able to b...