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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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A vulnerability in the debug interface of Cisco IP Phone 8800 series could allow an authenticated, local attacker to execute arbitrary commands. The vulnerability is due to insufficient input validation.

An attacker could exploit this vulnerabilit...
Video: Besides 8th-gen Intel CPUs, a standard touchscreen elevates the new Spectre 13.
A vulnerability in the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager, Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), and Cisco Firepower 9300 Security Appliance could allow an authenticated, local attacker to obtain root shell privileg...
Tech giants use shell companies to defer corporate income tax bills indefinitely.
The infrastructure behind a web shell used in an attack earlier this year suggests methodical and purposeful threat actors, Palo Alto Networks says.
New IP rules: patents can be reviewed, "unless you pay off some Indian tribe."
Big Oil spent decades trying to fool public about climate change, suits say.
Frequently used but underappreciated, Secure Shell is rarely secured, assessed, documented, or managed in a systematic way, researchers report.
To be fair, it's a hard hack to pull off Microsoft has downplayed the risks of running a Linux Bash shell command line on Windows 10 via its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) feature after security researchers said the technology could help hackers smuggle malware past security scanners and onto Windows 10 machines.…
Sure the "3D Polygon" shell looks nice, but is it worth a premium?
Coders are gonna code and newbies are gonna noob.
Sometimes, even experienced coders make newbie mistakes.
In the 20-plus years Irsquo;ve been at it, Irsquo;ve seen it all.

But mostly Irsquo;ve seen the same mistakes over and over again.These common mistakes are of the tactical variety. You should also do good hygiene like use revision control, but even if you do good hygiene you may be making these other tactical mistakes, and suffering as a result.[ The art of programming moves rapidly.
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Noob mistake 1: Use Make or Shell as a build tool If yoursquo;re not writing C or C++, Make is probably not your friend. Make launches another compiler process for each file. Most modern languages are not designed to have a separate process launched for each file.

Also resolving dependencies in a language like Java using Make is nearly impossible.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here