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"Defend Europe" ship rescued by refugee relief agency's ship after engine trouble.
Let's hope they taste better than traditional MREs.
Local photographer took pics of 'ghost ship' deck, then flew off unchallenged An amateur photographer has reportedly landed his £475 drone aboard the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy – without permission and completely unchallenged.…
Alexander Stigsen is co-founder and CEO of Realm.It has been a decade since the launch of the iPhone, but for developers, it can feel like wersquo;re still trapped in 2007.
If yoursquo;re doing anything interesting with a mobile app, you run into a pernicious and frustrating reality: Your mobile development experience was in large part determined by the web technologies that preceded mobile and still persist today.So when we talk about building mobile apps, what we really mean is building mobile apps that interface with server technologies.

And that means interacting with a stack that was designed for a world of desktop computers connected with ethernet cables. While the world has moved beyond big screens and wired connections, mobile developers are the ones who have had to accept endless compromises in order to ship the experiences they want.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Freeze-dried cod proves the Icelandic Sagas were sometimes historically accurate.
Landing, launch of fighter off Va. coast first real test for shiprsquo;s troubled systems.
Hypoxic area is likely even larger, but cruise ran out of time to make measurements.
Years after shutdown, Savannah still waits for funding for its reactor decommissioning.
Companies team to build autonomous, zero-emission container "feeder ship."
It doesn't appear to have been touched since Windows 7 anyway.
Inmarsat Solutions offers a shipboard email client service,AmosConnect 8(AC8),which was designed to be utilized over satellite networks in a highly optimized manner.

A third-party security research firm has identified two security vulnerabilities in the client software:On-board ship network access could provide visibility of user names and passwords configured on the client device.

A backdoor account has been identified in the client that provides full system privileges.

This vulnerability could be exploited remotely.

An attacker with high skill would be able to exploit this vulnerability.

AmosConnect 8 has been deemed end of life,and no longer supported.
Inmarsat customers must contact Inmarsat Customer Service to obtain the replacement mail client software.
And they're shipping it to fans on a bonafide cassette tape.