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File-scrambling malware put a bomb under shipping giant's sales growth FedEx has estimated this year's NotPetya ransomware outbreak cost it $300m in lost business and cleanup costs.…
The issue arises when the watch tries to join "unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks."
The adoption of agile software development methodologies has been a necessary evolution to support the explosive demand for new and expanded capabilities.

There is no doubt that without the broad adoption of agile practices much of the growth in technology, and all of those aspects of everyday life that is driven by technology, simply would not have happened.Still, too much of a good thing applies.

Another old that comes to mind is “You can have it better, cheaper, faster. Pick any two.” Many organizations have insisted on all three. How did they do it? They sacrificed the documentation.Irsquo;m not talking about saving shipping costs and trees by making manuals virtual, and then saving bandwidth by replacing the documents download with the install files with links to online documentation (which has its own issues in this world of massive MA).
Irsquo;m talking about all those wonderful references that development teams, sometimes backed by technical writers, produced so that others may pick up where they left off to maintain and enhance the final applications. Yes, that documentation.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Street Fighter II’s SNES rerelease could be the start of a trend.
Flight, ship, and wind trackers visualize the hurricanes in real time these days.
It's the company's first new trackball in nearly a decade.
Headsets will cost as little as $299, and will work with integrated graphics.
Bosch says synthetic fuels have potential to slow the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.
Google partners with Nabisco, ships code to AOSP, and posts system images.
Sharp files a lawsuit in order to talk about the TVs being made in its name.
IT crippled so badly firm relied on WhatsApp The world's largest container shipping biz has revealed the losses it suffered after getting hit by the NotPetya ransomware outbreak, and the results aren't pretty.…