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Researchers say a Nigerian hacking group is gleefully plundering maritime shipping businesses and their customers.
The desktop app will continue to receive bugfixes until 2025.
Researchers have identified a hacking group behind several widescale maritime shipping industry business email compromise (BEC) attacks since June.
Chinese OEMrsquo;s export ban also means the US will have to wait for Android Go.
This is Redmond’s first ever Linux distribution.
The top-end part also bumps up the power draw.
Systems will still need updated firmware to get the latest microcode, however.
Plus deals on gaming PCs, 4K TVs, SSDs and external hard drives, and more.
Nginx, makers of the popular Nginx open source web server, will begin shipping on April 12 a multilingual application server called Nginx Unit.
It has also upgraded its Nginx Plus application server and announced a new control plane.Nginx Unit 1.0 C...
Plus deals on Roku TVs, LG OLED TVs, Dell laptops, Bose headphones, and more.
Meltdown, Spectre-free CPUs coming this year, allegedly Intel has claimed its future processors – shipping as early as the second half of this year – will be free of the security design flaws it totally told you not to fret about.…
Microcodes for Sandy Bridge and newer are now available.