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An online dispute over Call of Duty escalated to a fatal police shooting.
SM-3 Block IIA missiles will be part of a shore-based Aegis missile defense.
Call of Duty gamer allegedly made fake emergency call to Wichita cops.
Arrest made after man dies in Kansas "swatting."
The man wasn't a gamer, but he apparently became the victim of a deadly "prank."
After a year of teases, puzzles, and feints, the bad guys are heremdash;and they are pissed.
Shooting past “gun culture,” researchers hit factors linked to policy attitudes.
After confirming a hidden "XP scaling" system, Bungie made XP grinds even slower.
Too early to talk gun control, not too early to bork iPhone security While US President Donald Trump thinks it's too early to discuss gun control in the wake of Sunday's Texas church massacre – America's latest mass shooting – his Deputy Attorney Gener...
FBI won't confirm it's an iPhone: "I don't want to tell bad guys what phone to buy."
The FBI cannot access a cellphone belonging to the dead suspect in Sunday’s Texas shooting, a situation that could reignite the government’s debate over encryption.