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Some gun-related channels are already feeling the heat.
Attendee list suggests a vigorous debate between pro- and anti-gaming voices.
When gaming executives meet the executive branch, the discussion can get a bit bumpy.
But PC gaming's most popular platform still has a relatively tiny VR userbase.
"You can play all the Mario Kart you want," judge says
Purvis Ellis, of Oakland, tells judge: “I just hope not to be defined by this.”
2012rsquo;s CGI surprise poked fun at video games; now, Ralph will “wreckrdquo; the Internet.
Russian operatives used phony social media accounts, bots and automated postings to spread disinformation about the mass shooting at a Florida high school killing 17 students and staff.
Facebook exec says demo scuttled "out of respect" for recent shooting victims.
The movie is slated to begin shooting this summer.
“Itrsquo;s the same as pornography.... we are reaping what wersquo;ve sown here.”
Ahead of April launch, Nintendo dishes enough details to get our gaming hopes up.