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Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Steve Jurvetson promises “legal action” against people who “defamed me.”
Rod Rosenstein: we should weigh “law enforcement equitiesrdquo; against security.
"I felt one hand on my breast and his arm reaching around and grabbing my butt."

Barbara Lee: “Coding jobs will become the blue collar jobs of the future.”
I work for a San Francisco startup. What we use in Silicon Valley isn’t necessarily indicative of the industry as a whole.
So I informally asked a few friends distributed throughout the industry what tools they use, to figure out the tools a modern ...
Ad says, "I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts."
It’s taken some time, but Microsoft’s $26 billion purchase of LinkedIn is finally starting to show some interesting results, with LinkedIn data starting to show up in tools like Outlook.
It’s the first sign of Microsoft using the social network’s re...
Water conservation turned around sinking due to overuse of groundwater in 2014.
Replicas packs in literally every sci-fi clicheacute; known to humanity.
A new sensor startup has just come out of stealth mode.
Intel processors, ethernet, and FPGAs have powered Waymorsquo;s cars since 2009.
This July, Luke Nosek reportedly left a big investment firm to focus on SpaceX fundraising.