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Singapore, Japan, Korea among least prepared for new EU data laws

More than half of firms in Singapore, Japan, and South Korea express concerns they will not be able to meet the May 25, 2018, deadline for GDPR compliance, while a quarter of their peers in Australia and US fear shutting down as a result.

Close to 9,000 servers across Asean infected with malware

In an operation run out of its Singapore global hub, Interpol has identified 8,800 command-and-control servers and 270 websites that were compromised, including those run by governments and financial institutions.

Singapore most recalcitrant with regards to IT use

Country has most number of employees who are unaware or do not always comply with IT policies among Asean markets, where 81 percent use their own devices for work.

Singapore extends cybercrime laws to include firms that use breached data

Government amends Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act to criminalise any use of hacked personal details, so companies that transact with such information can be prosecuted even if they are not responsible for the breach.

M1 aims to sharpen enterprise focus, unveils new mobile plans

Singapore telco introduces two mobile plans with unlimited voice and 6GB or 12GB data that can be consumed in selected global markets, but will need to do more if it wants to drive its enterprise strategy.

HAUD gives more value through its Traffic Audit Service

Singapore, 24th March 2017 - HAUD has now established itself as a market leading SMS firewall provider, and through experience it has acknowledged that the power of knowledge through data is very important for operators to be able to take educated deci...

Geneva motor show: EVs, autonomous tech, and the end of GM...

More car makers than ever are taking EVs and self-driving features into the mainstream.

Singapore looks to better arm itself with cyberdefence unit, skills

Defence Ministry will set up a new 24 by 7 cybersecurity command unit, comprising top-ranking military and armed officers, to monitor potential threats and intrusions.

Singapore defense ministry suffers data breach affecting 850 users

Breach in Ministry of Defence's system compromised the personal data of 850 national servicemen and employees, whose identification and telephone numbers as well as birthdates were stolen.

Singapore mulls national identity system to fully encompass all services

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reveals possible plans for a nationwide system that will enable access to both government and private services, expanding the existing SingPass e-government login account.

Researchers offer simple scheme to stop the next Stuxnet

Don't get rung out about planting bugs in ladder logic: they should be easy to spot One of the world's oldest programming styles, the ladder logic that runs on industrial programmable logic controllers, remains dangerously vulnerable to attack, according to boffins from Singapore and India.…