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Yoursquo;ve probably encountered the term “machine learningrdquo; more than a few times lately. Often used interchangeably with artificial intelligence, machine learning is in fact a subset of AI, both of which can trace their roots to MIT in the late 1950s.Machine learning is something you probably encounter every day, whether you know it or not.

The Siri and Alexa voice assistants, Facebookrsquo;s and Microsoftrsquo;s facial recognition, Amazon and Netflix recommendations, the technology that keeps self-driving cars from crashing into things – all are a result of advances in machine learning.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Bixby feels unfinished and annoying, but without an ecosystem, it doesnrsquo;t really matter.
Patent claims the concept of skipping back and enabling subtitles.
Samsung's answer to the Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa is rolling out now.
Samsung is the latest company to plan a voice assistant in a box.
Has home management features, but currently focused more on music than on Siri.
iOS devices will look and feel a bit different when iOS 11 comes out.
New watch faces, activity features, a new music app, and more.
Join us as we look at the latest refreshes to Apple's slew of operating systems.
The Wall Street Journal reports Bixby is "weeks away" from learning English.
But you'll probably have to wait until late 2017 to get your hands on it.
Bulbs start at just $12, while a full Wi-Fi enabled kit goes for $80.