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Android commercial spyware

Therersquo;s certainly no shortage of commercial spying apps for Android, with most positioned as parental control tools.
In reality, however, these apps barely differ from spyware, with the exception perhaps of the installation method.
Skype falls victim to China's strict cybersecurity laws and Internet regulations.
When comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s no longer a question of how to deliver it. The question now is how to get developers and enterprises to use AI and machine learning.It’s not been long since machine learning was the province of research labs. In fact, the first time I talked to Microsoft about its deep-learning machine learning work was a conversation about that basic research back in 2014 with Peter Lee, now Microsoft Research’s leader for AI.[ Go deep into machine learning at InfoWorld: 11 must-have machine learning tools. • 13 frameworks for mastering machine learning • Machine learning pipelines demystified • Review: 6 machine learning clouds • Which Spark machine learning API should you use? ]Back then, Skype Translator and Cortana were Microsoft’s first machine learning-powered applications. Now, machine learning tools are everywhere, with Azure’s machine learning platform the flagship service and the Cognitive Services Toolkit a quick on-ramp to machine learning, with prebuilt models for common scenarios like image recognition. Those same services also power Microsoft’s conversational user experiences, through its Bot Framework. It’s even in your databases, with new analytics and machine learning tools in SQL Server 2017.To read this article in full, please click here
tekVizion to validate Skype for Business solution as part of new KCOM product roll outLondon, United Kingdom, 9 November, 2017: tekVizion today announces that KCOM, one of the UK's leading communication and IT services companies, will be extending its ...
Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Collusion... allegedly Analysis  Where to begin?…
Microsoft continues its big push in cloud computing and machine learning.
Mobile app can now run in the background (like every other voice chat app).
To be fair, the kid is only 13 A teenage tearaway with a passion for building botnets was apparently caught using the same Skype ID he used for hacking activities when applying for jobs.…
Don't let your fingers do the talking a Skype session.

The callers on the other end could know what you're writing, researcher Daniele Lain explains.
Cloud remains strong, and Windows was surprisingly up, too.
Guildford, UK – 20 July 2017: Highlight has enhanced its Applications, Network and Unified Communications (UC) performance management service to deliver visibility and transparency of Skype for Business behaviour across an ICT estate. Highlight presents a graphical management view of Skype for Business and the supporting infrastructure for shared use by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their enterprise customers.

Technical and non-technical teams can now access accurate and impartial evidence via a ‘single pane of... Source: RealWire