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Samsung and ADT have a product that combines smart home functionality with home security.
At last yearrsquo;s Security Analyst Summit 2017 we predicted that medical networks would be a titbit for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, we were right.

The numbers of medical data breaches and leaks are increasing.

According to public data, this year is no exception.
Plus deals on Samsung and LG 4K TVs, microSD cards, headphones, and more.
The company's new acquisition brings video doorbells into its smart home family.
Nest's indoor camera gets the Google Assistant, just like a Google Home.
Amazon wants to lessen Alexa's dependence on the cloud for its responses.
Blink cameras have years of battery lifemdash;Amazon wants that for its own devices.
New Amimoji and other features to come in the fall release, but others must wait.
Plus deals on various Dell laptops, 4K TVs, Raspberry Pi kits, and more.
Founder says Ars "reaffirmed consumers' concerns about true ownership of IoT devices.”
Schneider Electric to present its latest Ultimate and Lisse light switches as well as its Wiser smart home heating systemLondon UK – 26th January 2018 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, is showc...
Plus deals on Lenovo and Dell laptops, Apple's iPad Pro, LG 4K TVs, and more.