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A engineer's plan to "ban a way of talking" didn't refer to conservatives.
Puffing e-cigarettes in public places is getting much harder to do.
They worded their statement nicely, of course.
“Elon is lying about millions of miles without incident... Letrsquo;s start ‘faketeslalsquo;.”
Statute barring smoking "covers these devices," divided federal appeals court says.
The company's successes are starting to stack up for the year 2017.
Identical code ties Fridayrsquo;s attacks to hacks on Sony Pictures and $1bn bank heist.
Throne room included massive brazier for barbecues, plus human sacrifice area.
Study doubles down on earlier work that led to big, some say pointless, controversy.
I ask if she’s a winter person: “No, I am not,” she replies stiffly. “I like the Sun.”
If this were to happen again today, the electrical grid would be a smoking ruin.
Windows XP? SHA-1? USB sneakernet? What were they thinking? Or smoking? The Netherlands has decided its vote-counting software isn't ready for prime time, and will revert to hand-counted votes for its March 15 election.…